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Game Links #32: Golden State Warriors 115 vs LA Clippers 94 - Warriors open the game with a knockout punch, keep Clippers reeling the rest of the game

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Sun, Dec 30

Flop warning: Gustavo Ayon.

Flop warning: Royal Ivey.

Flop warning: Tony Parker.

Warriors TV asked the players about their New Year's resolutions.

Mon, Dec 31

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
8:58 min: 95.7 FM: Gary Payton on The Rise Guys
10:31 min: 95.7 FM: Bruce Bowen on The Drive

CTJenkins22: My New Years resolution for others .. Is for them to stop confusing me with @CarlLandry !!!
CTJenkins22: Hey I know you .. You're Landry no sorry I'm Jenkins
CarlLandry: I don't look like you RT @CTJenkins22: My New Years resolution for others .. Is for them to stop confusing me with @CarlLandry !!!

Tue, Jan 1

Tuesday practice interview bits.

Pregame News

- has a blog entry on what we, the fans, should look for in the new year. What to Look Forward to in 2013

- If you prefer to read, you can read the transcript of Stephen Curry's shootaround interview
Tim Kawakami: Stephen Curry on the Warriors’ start, the leadership role, pick-and-roll success with David Lee, and more

- Previews of the game.
Rusty Simmons: Times are changing atop the NBA
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers go from doormats to among best in the West
Jimmy Spencer: More than ever, Warriors need to bring the D tonight

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
9:43 min: KNBR: Bob Myers with Murph and Mac
6:26 min: 95.7 FM: Arash Markazi on The Drive
17:58 min: KNBR: Mike Smith with Fitz and Brooks
11:22 min: 95.7 FM: Flip Saunders on The Drive

- Shootaround interviews.
58.5 MB: Mark Jackson at shootaround.
68.8 MB: Stephen Curry at shootaround.

Postgame News

- No postgame news.

Postgame Videos

David Lee in the locker room.

Stephen Curry in the locker room.

CSN highlights, recap.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 1.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 2.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Running and Dunking
Curry in a Hurry
Barnes Tough Layup
Clippers vs. Warriors: First half
Clippers vs. Warriors

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap:
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Clippers: Postgame Interviews (1/2/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On tonight's game:
"Very physical game and we expected that. We expected to have some tough times against a very good team. They have a lot of guys that can carry them. I loved the way my team stuck with it and hung in there. One thing I learned from watching basketball and playing it - Phil Jackson didn't call timeouts too much. As much as sometimes I want to, I'm attempting to find a way to get it done and stop the bleeding. I think I have a team that through that they have developed an edge, toughness and confidence. But give them credit. They battled and we found a way to make plays offensively and defensively. Another quality win against a very good team in our own building."

On their 21 point win:
"Let's be fair, they played last night. We are a good basketball team and we were ready. When a good basketball team is sitting at home waiting for another team that worked the night before, this isn't going to happen all the time, you impose your will. We did a good job of fighting and getting a win. I'm sure you will see a different Clipper team in Los Angeles and we will be ready."

On defending Blake Griffin with a center:
"He's an elite player. He's a great athlete. In studying, the best matchup for him is putting a bigger man on him. A bigger man that is athletic enough to keep him in front and make him shoot over you. Now, you can try that and he can get 30, but it gives you the best opportunity. I thought Festus (Ezeli) and Andris (Biedrins) did a great job of defending him and keeping him away from the rim. I thought Carl Landry did a very good job. When we went smaller he battled and forced him into shots outside of the paint. Just in game plan and research it gives us the best chance. We need David Lee offensively. It's an awfully tough task to ask him to carry us defensively against Blake Griffin and also carry the load offensively in our interior."

On Stephen Curry:
"He's an all-time great shooter. He's in a zone right now. He's a great shooter and you are shocked when he misses it. What you want to do as a coach or as a teammate is find a way to get him open. What's great about it is that he's not just jacking up shots; he's looking to make plays too. When the defense rotates to him he's making plays. That first half was a thing of beauty. Not only offensively, but also he battled Chris Paul and tried to make life tough for him. It's an awfully tough task to fight over a million screens and still stick in front of him."
Stephen Curry
On Chris Paul's aggressive defense:
"That's how he plays defense. He's aggressive out there trying to mess up your timing. You just have to be aggressive and make the right plays. He still deflected a couple of passes, you just have to keep attacking and meet force with force."
David Lee
On MVP chants:
"God is good, that's what was going through my head. We've come a long way this season and I thought this was a game where a lot of people were looking to see what we were made of. We've got these guys again on Saturday, they're a very good basketball team, we were just a little bit better tonight."

On the key to team's defensive play:
"The coaches gave us a great scouting report and we just stepped out there and followed it. We tried to be as good as we could in pick-and-rolls. Chris Paul is so good in pick-and-rolls and making the whole offense work, so we just tried to be as good as we could, and then rebound the basketball and push it."

On his performance:
"It's not about me. I have confidence that I'm the best power forward in the league or up there and playing against a great player like Blake (Griffin) is just another challenge for me. I have confidence and my teammates gave me confidence to just play aggressive and keep playing aggressive throughout the whole game. I had a slower first half - they trapped me a lot - and in the second half I had a lot of opportunities and tried to make the most of them."

On Stephen Curry:
"In the first half they were trapping me and in the second half Steph absolutely caught fire, and in the second half they stopped pick-and-rolls and he didn't try to do too much with it. He threw it back to me and kind of let me be the point guard and make plays, and I was able to score a couple and have a few assists and our guys shot the ball well. That's what I told you that's our key the whole year, just sharing the ball offensively and letting the defense dictate who is going to score."

On playing the Clippers again in three nights:
"They're going to be ready. They're a team that has a lot of character and a lot of guys that don't like to lose. They've won a lot of games in a row and they're going to be ready and we're going to be ready as well, we're excited to go back down there for this challenge."
Klay Thompson
On tonight's game:
"I think we really shared the ball well. We were real physical especially with our four's and fives and they did a good job keeping them off the glass. We play well when we score at least 100 points which is a good sign. They were coming off a back-to-back so we knew they would be a little winded. They were missing a good player in Caron Butler so we just did a good job sharing the ball and playing well defensively."

On Stephen Curry's game opening up shots for everyone:
"Oh yeah, that opened up everything for everyone else. They were so focused on Steph (Curry) especially coming off the pick-n-roll it allowed D-Lee (David) to make plays off that roll. We really shared the ball well and everyone played great. We didn't take too many crazy shots and played very unselfishly."

Interesting Tweets
(before the game)
CTJenkins22: Big games I always get text from people asking for floor seats lol oh you want floor seats? Watch the game in your living room
(after the game)
gswscribe: Mark Jackson said he didn't think Ezeli committed a flagrant on Blake: "He's a great actor. I've seen those Kia commercials."


- No interesting notes tonight.

What's next?

- The Saturday rematch is sooooooooooo far away. I can't wait! Mooooooaaaaaar Warriors!

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Sat Jan 5 7:30 PM @Clippers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Wed Jan 9 7:30 PM Grizzlies CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Fri Jan 11 7:30 PM Trail Blazers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Sun Jan 13 5:00 PM @Nuggets CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Wed Jan 16 7:30 PM Heat CSNBayHD ESPN KNBR 680

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