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Game Thread: Warriors host Thunder, comment live

Another big game, and a little extra excitement. Can the Warriors knock off the top team in the West league? And even if they can, will they? At least this one has no bearing on the All-Star voting...

Harry How

Game time: 7:30 PST, 10:30 EST

Venue: Oracle Arena


GSoM Preview

Loud City Preview

I'm looking forward to a great game tonight, in keeping with the last few Golden State games. If the "really good" Thunder shows up, the Warriors have a good shot at this one. If Durant shows up as Durantula, it may not be so good. With that said, I predict....

  • Teams shoot a combined 38 three point attempts and make 24 of them.
  • With all the action out at the line, whoever is under the basket will get easy layups. It works both ways.
  • More moving picks are called than travels.
  • David Lee feels good, goes for 30.
  • Durant feels good, so Westbrook goes for 30.
  • Warriors by 3 in OT.

So, regardless of the outcome, what's important is... frag that, the OUTCOME is important! Comment like the game depends on it, and

Let's Go Warriors!

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