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David Lee selected as NBA All Star reserve, Steph Curry snubbed

Sure, the All Star game itself might be a bit of a joke, but for a franchise that hasn't had representation in this particular Sunday scrimmage since Latrell Sprewell in 1997, I can't help but feel that seeing David Lee recognized as an All Star means so much more.


So, before we get started I was fully expecting both Lee and Curry to make the squad. I was so confident in fact that I wrote this post up before the announcement was made. At this point instead of editing the post I think the best way to explain my feelings on the subject is to post the original article. More thoughts on the Curry snub to follow, but here you go:

Seriously, do you remember where you were and what you were up to in 1997? Now think of all the time that has passed and all the things that have happened in your life, and try to comprehend that in all that time this franchise hasn't put together a roster that featured a single player deserving of an All Star berth (with the possible exception of Baron Davis). So when folks around the league take a look at Warriors fans that may be celebrating this announcement a little more than you'd expect it's important to try to understand what this really means to us.

It means this team is for real. Sure, with the Warriros sitting at 5th place in the West with a 26-15 record at the midpoint of the season, and coming off two consecutive wins over teams with the best record in the league, we may not have needed this All Star news to tell us that this team is for real. But knowing that the coaches around the league respect what our Warriors have accomplished enough to acknowledge Steph and David is another step in the right direction.

First it was the 10-6 start despite Brandon Rush going down for the season and Andrew Bogut's ankle forcing him out of games indefinitely. Then it was the seemingly miraculous 6-1 Eastern road trip where the Warriors took down the Heat on their home court. More recently the team responded to one of the toughest stretches of the schedule by taking down the Clipper and the Thunder this week. Now with the announcement that they will have not one, but two representatives on All Star Sunday, this is just one more step along the way as Warriors fans have traded in their foolish optimism for cautious optimism, and now we begin to trade our cautious optimism for confidence that our team will continue to perform on the court in a way that makes this incredible and passionate fan base proud. And if you need any proof of this newfound confidence, I am writing this article BEFORE the All Star reserves have been announced.

After being the butt of the league's jokes for the better part of two decades it seems that thanks to the new ownership, management, coaches, and of course the players, this team is finally enjoying some level of respectability. Maybe my foolish optimism is creeping back in, but if you ask me this respectability even feels sustainable. But first things first, congrats to Steph Curry and David Lee!! Do us proud in Houston, because sooner or later pride is a feeling us Warriors fans will have to get used to.

So instead of enjoying a feelgood moment together tonight we get to share in our outrage that Steph got left off the list. If it's any consolation it seems like he's the first name to come up in the early All Star snub conversations. But I don't want to let this disappointment overshadow the fact that David Lee will still be representing the Warriors in the All Star game. Congrats to him on an incredibly solid season, and getting the recognition that he deserves.

You can check out the full list of All Star reserves here.

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But how about we let Chuck have the last word on the subject.

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