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Captain Kirk downs the Dubs in Chicago

The Golden State Warriors start a four-game road trip by getting shellacked by the Chicago Bulls to the tune of 103-87.

It was a whole lot of contested shots all night.
It was a whole lot of contested shots all night.
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, I'm not really sure what happened either.

But let's try to make sense of it. Bulls defense = good. Warriors shooting = not good. There we go. Done.

As I like to do in blowout games, here's a list of notable tidbits I caught throughout the game.

1. Chicago's defensive rotations are impeccable, and that's with below-average defenders in Kirk Hinrich and Nate Robinson logging heavy minutes.

2. Speaking of Kirk, when he started making contested jumpers and threes, you knew it was going to be a long night. And of course, he hit six threes, tying a career-high.

3. Seems David Lee has been a little tentative and missing a few more jump shots in his past couple games. Maybe the ankle he hurt against the Spurs is still bothering him a bit?

4. Noah's defense on the pick-and-roll is something to behold. His agility and length gives him the athleticism to guard the guard AND recover to grab the rebound.

5. The Revenge of Vladimir Radmanovic, Marco Belinelli, and Nate Robinson. Right?!

6. Festus Ezeli got his obligatory illegal screen out of the way early third quarter.

7. Nate Robinson hit a ton of Nate Robinson shots against his former team.

8. Jeremy Tyler hit a jump shot.

9. Draymond Green hit a jump shot.

10. Kent Bazemore got his James Harden on and shot six free throws in a span of four minutes of garbage time.

11. Andrew Bogut looks nice in a suit. Maybe that'll hang in the rafters of Oracle one day.

12. Klay Thompson airballed a three about two feet left of the rim in the first half.

13. Not to be outdone, Jack airballs one himself in the third quarter.

14. Not sure why the Bulls' starters were in late fourth quarter but that's not smart considering the league leader in minutes played, Luol Deng, is battling through injuries already.

15. Hate seeing Richard Hamilton laboring around those screens. Father Time always wins. Unless you're KG, Kobe, and Duncan.


There wasn't much to pick from but David Lee's battling mentality really showed what the Dubs are made of this season. Despite looking gimpy and a little slow on his ankle all game, he managed to score 23 points on 13 shots. He was dominated on the boards by Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, and couldn't seem to get his shot up against Noah in the first half. However, he got to the line enough to salvage a poor shooting performance. His night was highlighted by a gorgeous low-dribble crossover that left his defender spinning while Lee converted the layup.

On another note: how ironic would it be if Lee was to miss the All-Star Game with his ankle injury and Curry took his place?

Yeah, not funny though.

Other observations

These may be a tad more important to the 14 listed above.

1. The Warriors were careless all game, and not pertaining to turnovers—where they had 11 to Chicago's 15. The inability to get a body on Noah or Boozer affected the way the rest of the game unfolded in the paint. With Chicago owning the offensive boards, to the tune of 16 offensive rebounds and 56 total to the Dubs 37, the guards were forced to help a bit more than they do, hence random Kirk Hinrich explosion.

There were also lazy fouls, reach-ins, unforced traveling violations, and illegal screens. Much of that could be prevented. There was a back-to-back-to-back illegal screen, traveling calls by Barnes and Festus mid-third quarter and it all culminated in a Jack airball three.

There was also a bunch of rushed shots and quick first-shots because of the Warriors inability to get separation from the defense once the shot clock wound down. Essentially, the whole team turned into a bunch of gunning Klay Thompsons. Good on the nights when everything is going in, but doesn't happen nearly enough to justify the shot selection.

2. Much of the Warriors inability to shoot and drive should be attributed to the Bulls defense. Without having been able to watch a Chicago game this entire season, it was refreshing to see them keep humming along with Derrick Rose. With Noah's otherworldly defense down low, the Bulls were able to stymie any and all slashes and post moves.

The Dubs like to get Landry a couple post touches when he gets in the game but that wasn't possible in this one as he struggled in taking only five shots.

They also chased the Warriors off the three-point line and when they couldn't, contested as much as they could. This wasn't a fluke as they allow the least amount of threes taken per game and also the fourth-best three-point shooting percentage against. The Warriors shot 21.1 percent from distance.

3. Harrison Barnes had another tough offensive game tonight as he struggled to create off the dribble and there simply wasn't enough rhythm on offense at any time to involve him. Chalk it up to a team-wide failure on offense but his lack of aggression must be concerning for Mark Jackson to a certain point.

Never good to start a road trip with a loss but their next three games against Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Toronto isn't exactly the most daunting.

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