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Warriors NBA Power Rankings Review - 2013-1

While the range is wider, most NBA observers didn't punish the Dubs for Saturday's loss to the Clippers.

Ezra Shaw

For those who think visually, it's easy to see that Golden State has moved into recently-uncharted territory. Something we're not used to is that the persistence of opinion happens just as much when you lose a game - one bad loss to a top team that was supposed to beat the Warriors isn't going to knock the team down in the rankings too much - especially when it has no immediate effect on the standings.


Sure enough, the Warriors haven't dropped much - in some cases not at all. While the range of opinions has widened again, the consensus has Golden State in the top 10 again.

Incidentally, the most likely win total for Golden State this year is between 46 and 50. has the Dubs at 48 as their most likely, with 43 wins if they melt down, and 54 if they've got an amazing finish. also has them at a likely 48.5 wins, with a wider range of possibilities, between 38 and 58 wins. Both of those include a 90% chance (or thereabouts) of making the playoffs.

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