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Multiday open links thread - Waiting and waiting and waiting for the games in China

Off days suck. Multiple off days suck more. Multiple off days with just a few links suck even more. So here's an open thread to cover links and stuff for the next few days while we wait and wait and wait until Tuesday's game.

An open thread that spans over multiple off days?


Thursday 10/10/2013

- Before the Warriors leave for China, they got in a round of practice today.

- In addition to the two games, the Warriors have a bunch of activities to go through in China.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors look toward team building on China trip

Friday 10/11/2013

- The Warriors got ready to spend their next 16 hours on a plane. Includes a photo gallery. blog: Warriors Depart for China

- Monte Poole thinks that with Barnes' inflamed toe, Jackson will likely pick Klay over Barnes to start.
Monte Poole: Barnes' toe injury jeopardizes status for regular season

- Andrew Bogut has seen what extra pressure can do to a team. Plus injury updates.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors' Andrew Bogut downplays media expectations for team

Saturday 10/12/2013

- The Warriors hope to strengthen the connection between China and the NBA.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors' rise makes them attractive ambassadors

- The Warriors arrived in Beijing to a swarm of fans. Includes a photo gallery. blog: Warriors Arrive in Beijing
Rusty Simmons: Warriors arrive in China to start huge week

- Next month, the Warriors will unveil version 3.0 of their new arena plan.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors' arena proposal evolves for location

Sunday 10/13/2013

- After morning practice, the Warriors headed out to the Great Wall. Includes a photo gallery. blog: Warriors Visit the Great Wall of China

- Stephen Curry wrote (or more likely, recorded) about the flight and visiting the Great Wall.
Rusty Simmons: Stephen Curry’s diary from China: Grizzly bear T-shirts, chasing daylight and a trip to the Great Wall

- Several players hope the trip to China will help build a bond and result in better play on the floor.
Rusty Simmons: Iguodala has concerns about long China trip

Monday 10/14/2013

- Stephen Curry's latest diary entry describes his activities on Monday.
Rusty Simmons: Stephen Curry’s diary from China: A wild shoe launch and exchanging “alley-oops” with Kobe

- Rusty writes about how Stephen Curry will handle the expected increase in the opponent's defensive pressure.
Rusty Simmons: Curry gets comfortable baffling the opposition

- Monte Poole writes about how Klay Thompson is working on his to-the-rim game.
Monte Poole: Thompson: 'I have to finish at the rim; I have to dunk more'

Preseason Schedule

- Tuesday morning's preseason game will air 3 times on NBATV:
Tues: 4:30am (Live), 11:30am
Wed: 8:30am

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Tue Oct 15 4:30 AM @Lakers (Beijing, China) NBATV
Fri Oct 18 4:30 AM Lakers (Shanghai, China) CSNBayHD NBATV
Wed Oct 23 7:00 PM @Kings KNBR 680 AM
Thu Oct 24 7:30 PM Trail Blazers KNBR 680 AM

Full broadcast schedule at

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