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Video: Coach Nick breaks down how Andre Iguodala defends LeBron James

Coach Nick breaks down how the league's top defenders, including Golden State Warriors wing Andre Iguodala, guard LeBron James.

If you're going to win a NBA title these days, you need a LeBron James stopper - or two - and Andre Iguodala is among the best.

Coach Nick's breakdown of what makes the top five defenders of LeBron James "effective" against him is a good example of what really matters on defense: nobody truly stops LeBron, even in the clips of exemplary defense that Coach Nick highlights. The goal is to make it as tough on him as possible. Part of that is certainly a matter of what a team wants to take away from him as a unit, but the strengths and weaknesses of the individual assigned to guard him certainly matter as well.

Looking at how look at how Iguodala, Andrei Kirilenko, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Jimmy Butler defend LeBron James is a great example of that: what all five of these players do well is make LeBron a jump shooter, which is still a weakness for the superstar despite improvement over the years.

What sets Iguodala apart from the others, according to Coach Nick, is his ability to deny LeBron the ball and his disciplined positioning once he has the ball. Statistically, Iguodala also stands out: he managed to keep LeBron's shooting efficiency down to the lowest of any of these players (48.2% TS) despite giving up a rather high offensive rating. Where Iguodala struggles relative to this five-man field against LeBron is keeping him out of the post - and really, who doesn't struggle in this way? - which makes forcing him into jumpers even more important than some of the other players. Of course, that leaves a clear set of priorities for the unit in trying to contain LeBron while Iguodala is on him.

The whole video is interesting and really drives home one core (and painfully obvious) point: guarding LeBron James is extremely difficult, if not entirely impossible.

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