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Two Day Links Thread: Hanging out in Shanghai

The Warriors arrived in Shanghai and blah blah blah. Nobody's paying attention to what's happening over there because here in the Bay Area, everyone's talking about the contract negotiations between Andrew Bogut and the Warriors.

Links for today and tomorrow will go here before Friday's early morning game.

Wednesday 10/16/2013

- Stephen Curry's latest diary entry talks about the Beijing game, postgame, and arriving in Shanghai.
Rusty Simmons: Stephen Curry’s diary from China: Trying not to lose the game, losing a cell phone and losing sleep

- The hot news of today: Andrew Bogut and the Warriors are talking contract extension, and there are lots of opinions going around. Tim Kawakami has an email response from Joe Lacob.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors, Bogut discuss contract extension
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Must Think Andrew Bogut Is Healthy, So They’d Better Get Extension Done
Monte Poole: Bogut, Warriors ready to make a deal?
Tim Kawakami: Joe Lacob from China: On the trip, the Warriors’ international brand… and Andrew Bogut

- There's a new interpretation for the delay of game rule from touching the ball after a made basket. The rule and an example can be found on NBA Official.

According to Rule 12 II a (2), a delay of game is called for “interfering with the ball after a successful field goal or free throw.” The penalty for a delay-of-game violation is a warning in the first instance and a technical foul for subsequent offenses.

While previous interpretations of “interfering” involved a player purposefully preventing a ball from being inbounded, the Competition Committee decided over the summer to more strictly interpret the rule to eliminate any advantage gained by delaying an inbound. Going forward, any contact with the ball that delays an opposing team from inbounding after a made basket will result in a delay-of-game violation. This means that when a player on the new defensive team clutches or hits the ball following a made basket or free throw, other than an incidental touch, his team will be assessed a delay-of-game warning on their first offense or a technical foul on their second. This includes, for example, a player on the new defensive team passing the ball to a referee.

Thursday 10/17/2013

- Monte Poole thinks Andrew Iguodala's biggest challenge is learning his teammates, plus a couple of other notes.
Monte Poole: Iguodala still getting a feel for new Warriors teammates

- ESPN's panel of five answers questions about the Warriors offseason moves and upcoming season. Thanks for finding this, JustSomeName. '13-14 outlook: Golden State Warriors

- This ESPN article has some Andrew Bogut quotes about the negotiations when he talked to Thanks again, JustSomeName. Andrew Bogut, Warriors talk deal

- JustSomeName strikes again, this time with a Zach Lowe analysis and insights to the variables to weigh in the Bogut negotiations.
Zach Lowe : The Andrew Bogut Conundrum: What Will the Warriors Do With Their Center?

- While we're talking about Bogut over here, the Warriors continued their Shanghai activities with an NBA Fan Appreciation Day. Check out the instagram link. blog: Warriors in Shanghai
warriors instagram: Nemanja Nedovic and Stephen Curry at Fan Appreciation Day

- Several Warriors have gotten spots in commercials. This doesn't happen with the old Warriors regime, right?
Rusty Simmons: Warriors officially hit the big time

Preseason Schedule

- Friday morning's preseason game will air 3 times on NBATV and 3 times on CSNBA:
Fri: 4:30am (Live, NBATV / CSN), 12:30pm (NBATV), 7:30pm (CSN), 10:00pm (NBATV)
Sat: 12:30am (CSN)

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Oct 18 4:30 AM Lakers (Shanghai, China) CSNBayHD NBATV
Wed Oct 23 7:00 PM @Kings KNBR 680 AM
Thu Oct 24 7:30 PM Trail Blazers KNBR 680 AM

Full broadcast schedule at

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