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SI: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson form 'next great NBA tag team'

Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard profiles Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the 2013-14 preview issue.

Ezra Shaw

In addition to Stephen Curry gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated's preview issue, Chris Ballard profiles how the Golden State Warriors' backcourt duo of Curry and Klay Thompson have become one of the NBA's great backcourts.

There has never been a backcourt like the Warriors' Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry, two young gunners whose shooting range astounds even themselves.

Writes Chris Ballard, "If Thompson is a classic NBA type, Curry is an outlier. While many stars are considered blueprints for the next generation-seven-footers who shoot threes, linebacker-sized point forwards-Curry is a throwback. No GM would scour the college ranks for slight, 6′ 3″ guards who fit the "Curry model," because there are none. You could call him a small, scoring, hybrid point guard, but that's not accurate. What he really is the best long-range shooter in NBA history."

I will continue to insist that Thompson's development as a defender deserves as much attention as anything else in this backcourt, but that's beside the point - no longer can Golden State Warriors fans complain about not getting attention from the national media.

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