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Game Thread: Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers

The Warriors' last preseason game comes tonight against the Blazers.

It's Bazemore's time to shine in the final game of the preseason.
It's Bazemore's time to shine in the final game of the preseason.
Kevin Lee

First, let's put last night's game behind us shall we? It's the preseason and this is the final game of it. So to continue dwelling on what happened in Sactown last night, pick your poison:

Preseason Game Links #6: Warriors 90 @ Kings 91

Warriors blow lead in 91-90 loss to Kings

Tonight the Warriors will try to finish the exhibition on a high note when they face the Portland Trail Blazers, who are looking to have a revival this season somewhat similar to what the Warriors did last season (but without the nearly 20 years of pain - all of the privileges, none of the burden). New writer Sam Sorkin made his debut last night with a brief rundown of what's going on in the Pacific Northwest.

Preview: Warriors finish preseason against Blazers

And if you're neither concerned about the preseason anymore nor able to watch tonight's game, I recommend checking out SB Nation's 2013-14 preview to start thinking ahead to the regular season. It has pretty pictures and more love for the Warriors.

SB Nation's 2013-14 NBA preview

Now, enjoy the last night where we can use the excuse that none of this is for real.

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