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Golden State Warriors sign Andrew Bogut to three-year contract extension

The Golden State Warriors have reportedly agreed to a three-year contract extension with center Andrew Bogut.


After an interview with Tim Kawakami created some measure of uncertainty about whether the Golden State Warriors would come to an agreement with center Andrew Bogut about an extension, the team is set to announce that they've agreed to a three-year $42 (or $43?) million deal with the center.

As might have been expected, or at least hoped for, the deal comes with a set of incentives that protect the Warriors in case he suffers further injury according to Adrian Wojnarowski. But just as important, is this nugget from Woj:

Myers and Bauman designed a contract for Bogut that will allow for payroll flexibility over the course of the three years, a league source told Yahoo Sports. Bogut will make $13 million-plus in 2014-15 before his annual base salary descends by 7.5 percent to $12 million in 2015-16 and to $11 million 2016-17.

Even if you're still skeptical about Bogut's ability to stay healthy, this is a perfectly reasonable - not to mention, well-designed - deal for someone who figures anchor the team's post defense as well as likely giving the team more offensively than he did last season.

And indeed, Rusty Simmons is correct that these quotes are great.

h/t JustSomeName for posting a fanshot about this first.

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