Dubs SF Arena update


Sorta...not much new news. The cost of the piers continues to rise. The price tag is officially a billion dollars. We are starting to see the issues becoming a little more specific though, cost of the piers, and then environmental impact report stuff like traffic and view obstruction... "A year ago, the Warriors projected the cost of repairing the piers at $100 million. A Port of San Francisco memo indicated that figure had risen to $130 million as of July and could reach $170 million. While the team might not ultimately pay that much, it's got to get a deal nailed down with the city before it can move forward." "The framework of a deal outlined a year ago calls for the city to reimburse the team up to $120 million for rebuilding the pier, which the city would continue to own and lease to the team for 66 years." "Opponents of the proposed location at Piers 30-32, two conjoined city-owned piers just south of the Bay Bridge, say the proposed 125-foot-high venue, which is expected to draw 2 million people a year to games, concerts and other events, will obstruct views and create a traffic and transit nightmare."