The Wholly Over-Reactionary First Post of the Season.


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I think we as fans get a little bit sucked in to the value of each game when in fact they are only 1 game out of 82. It's not really our fault. We just get swept up in a glorious wave of fandom that washes over us like the proverbial wave. It's not our fault if after a 30 point loss we curse our starting SG with a plague of acne or wish our coach suddenly came down with a bad case of broken everything. It's just who we are as fans. We are passionate. It's not our fault if that get's away from us. Also small sample sizes are so fun! So join me for the completely silly look at the first night of this season.

The Best Small Sample Size Stat Yet:



Now some of you may or may not have witnessed the Boogie show up in Sacramento last night but here are the highlights: 30 Points, 14 Rebounds, 50% FG, 2 Blocks and 2 Steals. What Boogie also did last night was set Twitter on fire. Don't believe me? Take a look at some of these:

I'm really un-sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Probably because he didn't?

I think you're jumping the gun here guys.

This makes Marc Gasol and Dwight Howard very sad.

Ah screw it! Any room on the bandwagon for me guys?

P.S: Fun Fact: Nobody was tweeting he was the best big man in the game when he dropped 36 and 22 on Dwight Howard the Lakers in the last game of the regular season last year. Also i'm really liking the Kings also. Nothing I'd love to see more than to see the Warriors and Kings knock off the Lakers and Clippers a top of the Pacific.


There is now another reason to fear Andrew Bynum apart from this Hey-there-andrew


Yes the man of the many horrible hair cuts returned to the game of basketball last night for the first time and quickly re-established himself as the Dwight Howard equal he was so often touted as. Don't believe me? Well just take a look at this:

That moment there reminds of a quote from a famous movie staring a certain Austrian Body Builder:

No not that one.

Or that one.

Okay now we're just listing off Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes. No it's from that movie where he plays that Robot that only dresses in leather.

There we go. Welcome back Andrew Bynum!

City of Brotherly Disappointment:

Sheesh 76er fans give it a break. I mean one win against the reigning champion Miami Heat and you start tweeting stuff like this:

Come on now have some faith! You still have got 81 more games to stink it up!

Side Dishes:

Hope you enjoyed this completely un-proportionated little piece to start off the season. Now to sit back and enjoy 81 more games of Warriors blowing out their opponents by 20+ points.


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