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Warriors undefeated in Klay Thompson (second-half starter) era; Barnes injured; Seth gets Jeremy Lin treatment

Some notes on the game, shooting, Iguodala, Seth, rotations, and everything else.

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It's becoming apparent that Klay Thompson has much more confidence, experience and composure on the offensive end. That works to his advantage as a sixth man, starter, shooting guard or anything else in life. But we knew this already. Thompson has no conscience when it comes to shooting, slashing, missing or scoring. And again, it's preseason, where Mark Jackson is tinkering with rotations, starting lineups and plays. There really isn't much to read into this except for accepting what we already knew. Harrison Barnes appeared to aggravate a previous foot injury but it doesn't seem serious. There's no knowing whether he will start the season as the Opening Night starting forward but here's thinking it won't matter much because he'll play 30+ minutes per night, regardless.

Look, Seth Curry isn't going to make the team. I'm not an insider but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Warriors invited an undrafted, recovering, undersized shooting guard to training camp in some small, miniscule part because of his big brother. But that doesn't matter because the moment he shared with the crowd was pretty great, leading up until the buzzer-beater jumper. Big brother Steph seemed a bit embarassed - they showed him laughing and covering his face with a towel - as it happened, but I'm a sucker for Hallmark-esque family moments. If you recall, Jeremy Lin had the same treatment a couple years ago when the Warriors sucked and it seemed like more a marketing ploy than a fair shake at a roster spot. He's since done fairly well for himself.

Back to the game, there wasn't much from which to divulge. Andrew Bogut looked spry again. David Lee was much more active around the basket, driving for layups and snatching offensive boards from defenders. Perhaps the most eye-opening sequence happened when Andre Iguodala - highlighted in this game more for his alley-oop dunks and acrobatic finishes - caught a pass at the top of the key from the low block, and in one motion flicked it to Curry in the corner for the three. A half later, he sprinted to the right side three-point break, awaited a pass from Curry as he dribbled out from the baseline. From here, we usually see one of the Warrior guards take the ball, initate their own play and go from there. Iguodala instead caught it, calmly faked a three, waited for the defender to jump (for some odd reason), leaving Curry in the corner wide-open and Iguodala flicked a pass to him. Boom.

It's obvious that he sees the court much better than Jarrett Jack ever has and sees plays developing as they happen, not when it has happened already. It's easy for us to complain about players missing spots but at the speed with which the NBA plays in, thre's a lot to process and not much time to take action. Iguodala does this in a fashion that makes me, us, appreciate his game that much more. Keep on the lookout for defensive breakdowns throughout the season.

Quick look around the team:

Dewayne Dedmon: It appears Bob Myers has found his new Festus Ezeli, down to the stone hands, athletic quick feet, absurdly long arms and perpetual moving screens. In all seriousness, he looked quicker than Jermaine O'Neal, though he won't play nearly as many minutes, if necessary.

Draymond Green: Really skinny and doing annoying things to people. Just the way we love it.

Kent Bazemore: Showed off the three-point shot but struggled to create like he did in Summer League because well, yeah, this isn't Summer League. There will still be a rotation spot for him as he matures into a 3-and-D player.

Toney Douglas: Played a weird game where his on-ball defense was solid but couldn't make wide-open layups. The trio of him, Curry and Thompson will now attempt to set the record for most illogical ratio where they shoot better as they venture further away from the basket.

Warriors basketball, baby. Just 22 days away.

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