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Warriors thank Utah Jazz for Biedrins/RJeff; subsequently blown out

Karma's a bitch. In the preseason.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

This was an ugly game. Let's all watch Stephen Curry dance instead!

In all seriousness, well, if you're taking these preseason games to evaluate future regular season performances, then yeah, this isn't 2009 anymore.

Without Harrison Barnes (foot) and Jermaine O'Neal (lower back, surprise!) traveling with the team to Salt Lake, the starting five with Klay Thompson came out and looked as sluggish as the two other games. I've wasted - errr - written tons of words on the change in culture around these parts. The type of change that has the players taking Summer League and preseason games as serious as Game 6 of the Conference semifinals. Suffice it to say, they haven't played as if their jobs or goals and expectations are on the line. Perhaps it's just me boliviating and attaching meaningless tropes to the team in the moment but Mark Jackson has never been just about words. He's done the job as well as any other coach as well.

The defense, rotations a step slow, jumpers an inch or two off and the movement on offense as visually displeasing as Andrew Bogut hook shots. It's been slow to evolve and the glowing training camp reports we were abuzz with aren't coming to fruition. At least not yet. And that's okay. Losing the continuity of a backup point guard, power forward and infusing that with a brand new small forward, while lessening and growing the roles of David Lee and Bogut, respectively, will take a while to get used to.

Look across the other side of the country and we have a test case, though to a lesser extent, of Robert Griffin III. So hyped up as he was rehabbing his injured knee, he never gave himself the chance to fail, having his first in-game reps when it mattered and it's turned into a disaster. For basketball purposes, we can look directly down South and see what the Los Angeles Lakers "accomplished" last season when expectations weren't allowed to breathe. Adding Iguodala hasn't been just his infusion in a vacuum, but a transition of dominoes that's moved key cogs to the bench, and others into lesser and more prominent roles. All this takes some getting used to and growth.

Also, the Utah Jazz now pay Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson to play basketball for them. And Jefferson even starts! Fun times.

In the interim, let's listen to Steph sing:

Cool. Cool.

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