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Game Links #2: Golden State Warriors 115 @ LA Clippers 126 - Roller coaster Warriors: First they take you high, then they drop you hard

Box score | Gameflow

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: Chris Paul gets the better of Stephen Curry as L.A. Clippers beat Golden State Warriors, 126-115
Game thread: Game thread: Warriors face the Clippers on TNT (2010+ comments)
Preview: Preview: Golden State Warriors at L.A. Clippers
Q&A: Warriors-Clippers Q&A with Clips Nation: Doc Rivers, DeAndre Jordan, and high expectations

Clippers: Clips Nation
Recap: Clippers beat Warriors in shootout, 126-115
Game thread 2: Clippers-Warriors second half open thread
Game thread 1: Clippers-Warriors open thread
Preview: Clippers-Warriors preview -- The earliest must-win game in the history of the NBA
Q&A: Clippers-Warriors -- The Questionable Blogger with Nate Parham


Associated Press: Clippers win home opener, beating Warriors 126-115 | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Paul pushes Clippers past Warriors
Rusty Simmons: Game 2: Clippers 126, Warriors 115
Rusty Simmons: Clippers outscore Warriors as Paul hits 42
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors have no defense against Los Angeles Clippers
Monte Poole: Instant Replay: Paul bests Curry as Warriors lose in L.A.
Feltbot: Clippers 126 Warriors 115: War
Adam Lauridsen: Calibration (Warriors 115, Clippers 126)

Pregame News

- A collection of online reactions to last night's win. Warning: Lots of embedded tweets and objects on the page.
Jon Becker: Reactions to Golden State Warriors' season-opening rout of the Lakers

- Previews of the game.
Monte Poole: Fast Forward: Warriors eye primary challenge in L.A.

- Wanna know how seriously the Clippers are taking this rivalry? It's affecting religion.
Marcus Thompson II: Sources: Clippers Break Tradition and Refuse to Have Chapel With Warriors

- Notes from pregame interviews.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors at Clippers pregame: Doc Rivers says Warriors can win the West

- This report came at halftime.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Defense Not Looking So Good vs. Clippers

Pregame Videos

Postgame News

- They didn't like us last season. They still don't like us this season. MT2 describes the chippiness between the two teams last season and this game.
Marcus Thompson II: The Intensity of Warriors-Clippers Dislike Increased After Round 1

Postgame Videos

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Mark Jackson
On tonight's game:
“We had some break downs, too many turn overs. My guys-- we fought, they battled, and we lost to a good basketball team tonight.”

On the team's defense:
“I thought at times we were very good and there were times were we can't turn the basketball over that much, they made us paid the price. We knew coming in what we had to do.”
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
“There were some bright spots but when you‟re on the road playing against a team like that it thrives off turnovers and easy baskets; you can‟t give them a game like that. It‟s disappointing for me to let my shooting performance be over shadowed by eleven turnovers but it‟s not going to keep me down.”

On Chris Paul:
“He has shown that there are certain situations where he can turn it on. Obviously he‟s a great player and you can't really take anything away from him but when you let him get to the free-throw line that many times, it's tough.”
David Lee
On tonight's game:
“We know how they play; I think we did a decent job in the half court. The way they hurt teams is by capitalizing off turnovers and getting out in the fast break. They had way too many fast breaks points.”

On the Clippers' offense:
“A huge part of it was their ability to get out on the break. They had one time were they had three or four lobs on the break and if that two minute span doesn't happened, we're right there at the end of the game as poorly as we played.”

The Next Day (Friday 11/01/2013)

- A more detailed look into last night's loss.
Marcus Thompson II: Game 2 Rewind: Chris Paul, Clippers Outgun Stephen Curry, Warriors in Round 1 of the Heated Rivalry

- Monte Poole and Bruce Jenkins add their thoughts on the growing rivalry between us and the Clippers.
Monte Poole: Warriors, Clippers set to battle for Pacific Divison supremacy
Bruce Jenkins: Warriors-Clippers becomes NBA West's best rivalry

- Not surprisingly, these 3 guys got picked up by the SCWarriors.
CSN Bay Area Staff: Seth Curry among three sent to D-League Warriors

- In addition to Seth, the word is that the Warriors picked up Klay's brother. Splash Brothers in Santa Cruz... if they can shoot it.
Marcus Thompson II: ‘Splash Brothers 2′ Now Showing in Santa Cruz

- Barnes to play tomorrow? Still a big nope.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors’ Harrison Barnes Out for Saturday’s Games vs. Sacramento Kings
CSN Bay Area Staff: Report: Harrison Barnes will miss third game

- MT2 expects tomorrow's game to be another good test for the Warriors.
Marcus Thompson II: Feisty Kings next up for Warriors, Curry


- No interesting notes tonight.

What's next?

- Strange quirk in the early parts of the schedule: We played the Lakers on their end of a back-to-back. Clippers played us on our end of a b2b. Tomorrow, the Kings will play the Clippers on the Clippers' end of a b2b. Finally, we play the Kings on their end of a b2b on Saturday. So, whatever the heck is going on with this circular schedule logic, we get a chance to make up for the demoralizing preseason loss and smash the Kings on Saturday.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Sat Nov 2 7:30 PM Kings CSN Bay Area KNBR 680 AM
Mon Nov 4 4:00 PM @76ers CSN Bay Area KNBR 680 AM
Wed Nov 6 5:00 PM @Timberwolves CSN Bay Area KNBR 680 AM
Fri Nov 8 5:30 PM @Spurs CSN Bay Area KNBR 680 AM
Sat Nov 9 5:00 PM @Grizzlies CSN Bay Area KNBR 680 AM

Full broadcast schedule at


- I don't know if this game really needs a therapy video, but I wanted to post this while it's still fresh.

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