Backup PG Open Thread

Long time Warrior Fan here; love the energy of the new season. I know the roster is incomplete at this point with HB still looking to come back healthy, but something obvious about last night's game was the struggles of Tony Douglas to back up the point. All the talk of Iggy in this role is absurd - there is minutes to be had there and lets face it TD's better days are probably past him.

As contenders are continually looking to improve, especially by trades, I am going to call it here that we will be in trade rumors all season long for a backup PG. With the trade exceptions on the books and management's willingness to go into the tax for the purposes of winning, looks like we could help a cap heavy team (Toronto? Orlando?) clear up some space by taking an expiring off the books to clear money. Some candidates:

Kyle Lowry (expiring, $6.2M owed) - Good shooter and assist guy, never been the best defender. Toronto already looking to clean house

Ramon Sessions (expiring, $5M owed) - Has run big offenses off the bench back with LA. Dont know how much of an upgrade he is over TD, but a more well rounded player with a better offensive game

Any other suggestions?

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