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Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings: GSOM NIGHT 13 at the new capital of California

The Kings travel from Sacramento to the new capital of California for the GSOM Night Festivities. #Oakland

Super fly x13!
Super fly x13!

Warriors (1-1) vs Kings (1-1)

TV: CSN Bay Area | Radio: KNBR 680


Tip-Off: 7:30pm

Blog Buddy: Sactown Royalty

On opening night in Oakland agains the LA Lakers the Golden State Warriors looked like future NBA Champions.

On Thursday night on TNT they looked this like this...


Photo credit: Simply Recipes


Not to be overly superstitious, but maybe pre-game Golden State of Mindcast = win? ivanbe- Let's do this!

Keys to W's Getting the W

1) No More Turnovers

I am still haunted by those 3 Blake Griffin breakaway dunks IN A ROW off turnovers. Please. Stop.

2) Clean the Glass

With the front court players the Warriors have they should never get dominated on the boards like they did against the Clippers. That needs to change tonight.

3) Attack the Kings Backcourt

On paper this is one of the weaker backcourts in the association. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson should be able to dominate.

4) Big Bench Minutes from Barnes

Nearly 34 minutes combined playing time for Draymond Green and Marreese Speights doesn't seem like a good recipe for success. Hopefully Harrison Barnes can step up and give the Warriors a lift off the bench. Barnes playing the 4 for spot minutes off the bench with Jermaine O'Neal manning the middle could be an interesting look.

Update 11/2 8:29am: Unfortunately we're down to 4 out of 5 keys to this w:

5) No More Turnovers

Seriously. Please. Stop.

GSOM Night 13

Please thank Chris Murphy and Quinn Evans from the Warriors for helping us out with yet another GSOM Night! We're about to turn the 13 into a lucky number.

See: GSOM Night 13: Golden State Warriors vs Sacramento Kings on Saturday November 2nd

Start Four Winners + Picks

Warriors vs Lakers Winners

Shout out to Bu12n, tjmcluvin, and MaseM for the high scores in the Lakers opener! They beat yours truly by 44 points.


Warriors @ Clippers Winners

Congrats to richstyle for being the only Warriors fan that was a winner that night!


Warriors vs Kings Picks

I haven't played fantasy basketball in about a decade and it shows. Let's see if this does the trick...

  1. Andrew Bogut: Hoping for a big rebounding night.
  2. John Salmons: Potential Warrior Killer.
  3. Andre Iguodala: Digging the 11 dimes on Thursday night.
  4. Jermaine O'Neal: His D down low will be critical and hopefully there's some good minutes off the bench.

> Join the Golden State of Mind Group on Start Four and make your picks!

Also if you can't make GSOM Night 13 for whatever reason, make sure to check out Beyond the Box on your 3rd screen while you're watching the game. Please send me your requests through the Feedback form in the iPad app.


  • Stephen Curry tops his 9 for 14 shooting from downtown against the Clips with a whopping 13 3-pointers tonight.
  • No Warrior player has 13 turnovers.
  • It will be 13x louder than it was opening night.
  • Warriors by 13!

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