Know thy enemy: Kings vs Warriors

Last night, the Kings PF's were unable to contain Blake Griffin, who went off for 20 and 17. Similarly, the Clippers centers had little chance of stopping Cousins, who went for 24 and 10. This game tonight features some interesting matchups - namely Cousins against Andrew Bogut. Boogie has never played well against Bogut, and with Bogut looking better than he has in his entire career, he'll definitely have trouble finding the opportunities he's had in previous games. Another mathchup to look out for: Curry vs the Kings PG rotation. Both could offer contrasting skillsets; Vasquez is very big for a PG, posses great passing instincts, and uses his height on the glass, but lacks the footspeed to keep up with most guards. Thomas is a quick, crafty scorer who can explode for bunches of points, and plays very pesky on-ball defense, but is limited by his height.How Curry plays against them and vice versa will likely determine the outcome of the game

So there's my two cents, comment if you have any questions.

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