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Golden State of Mindcast Game Preview: Golden State Warriors vs Portland Trailblazers. Q&A with Blazer's Edge

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Do you hate watching your favorite team lose to the Los Angeles Lakers? Does the sight of yet another Golden State Warrior limping off the court in pain get you down in the dumps? Are you in a post-loss depression?

Well we've got the cure for what ails you! Quality prescription drugs A brand new Golden State of Mindcast! Today we're previewing tonight's game against the Portland Trailblazers. Luckily this podcast was recorded on Thursday, so we only had one bummer loss leading up to it — no weeping uncontrollably in this one, folks!

Nate and I sat down with Dave Deckard of the Blazer's Edge to talk about how the Blazers have been able to torch the competition (see what I did there?) thus far in this young season, and what the Warriors can do to douse the inferno (Boom! I'm on fire). (I hate myself.) To distract yourself from how terrible I am, check out Dave's excellent recap of last night's Blazers win — yeah, their 11th — against the Chicago Bulls, whose fans I would not trade places with for one second at this moment. This league is more fun with Derrick Rose on the court — hoping for the best, Chicago.

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Since I've been blabbing about it, I'll go ahead and give the links here first:

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You can also listen to it right here and now using the player below. If you're new to the party, check out our previous episodes (and throw us a follow) over on our SoundCloud page.

If you would like to follow along with the questions in front of you, Nate's generously posted them for you here. If you have comments, suggestions, hate mail, or excellent cat gifs that you don't want to post publicly below, shoot us an email. And be sure to check back later at GSOM for another preview post of this very game, because we love the Warriors and we love you.

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