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Warriors on pace for 61 wins, 61 blowouts after dismantling the undefeated Sixers

The Golden State Warriors take down the once 3-0 Sixers and improve to 3-1, with a date on the road against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday.

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We get it. You can blow out bad teams with the lightning-speed quickness that it takes Usain Bolt to light up a track field. For the third time in four games, the Warriors put on another flashy performance filled with half court alley-oops, behind-the-back sidelines flicks and above all else, crisp passing and threes. A lot of threes. 38 shots attempted and 15 makes, to be exact.

(h/t to Kurt Helin at ProBasketballTalk)

(h/t to Matt Moore at CBS Sports)

Warrior Wonder: Andre Iguodala

Stephen Curry posted a triple-double and it wasn't really the story of the game. It was Andre Iguodala's career-high seven treys, his ability to initiate the offense, defend the opposing team's best player and essentially do everything at a higher level because of the lack of stress on his overall play. This Warriors offense fits him to a tee because it allows him to defer and find open players. On defense? Iguodala's as perfect a player on the wings for the Dubs as Andrew Bogut is as a bailout center on the back end. Also, notice how Iguodala always contests the shooting hand without fouling; a key concept so the opposing player's flailing legs can't initiate contact.


1. The team won't be shooting like this all season but it's not as if Curry will struggle to shoot as he did tonight. The offensive efficiency will regress back to the mean but even if so, it appears that the team has too many weapons, and weapons that can pass, for that matter, to ever go in an extended in-game slump.

2. The Warriors are running the Elevator play again. And it's working, again. They ran it to the left side on several occasions and got Curry a wide-open three and have gotten it to Thompson at the top of the key in the second half. Look, it's one thing defending one guy that can just shoot (think Kyle Korver or Mike MIller) but to have two guys sprinting off set baseline screens? That's a terror. And like a quarterback-to-wide-receiver connection, it seems like Curry knows exactly where Thompson is at all time, in the half court and transition.

3. The bench is a concern now and will remain so for the foreseeable future, with or without Harrison Barnes. With Draymond Green, Jermaine O'Neal and Toney Douglas in, it's a formidable fortress of defenders but the offense is downright offensive. Instead of the inherent flow that courses through the first unit, it's a one-pass shot or post-up, dribble dribble snoozer. Without a creator, shooter or a player that's ever played anything but as a role player, it's tough not to worry. Of course, Jackson will surely find a way to stagger in starters and the return of Barnes will help. Hopefully it sorts itself out when games aren't in the 30s by the time they are inserted.

4. The leading candidate for most fan-infuriating play is the Marreese Speights pick-and-pop jump shot. He shot well today, 4-8, but there's seemingly no conscience the moment he touches the ball. The world blacks out, all exterior noise fading away and the only thing between him and the basket is the spherical orange thing in his hands. It's either shoot it, or dribble a couple times, and shoot it. Sound familiar? / flashbacks to horrified fans watching Jarrett Jack try and dribble through a set San Antonio Spurs offense into a turnover. Luckily for everyone involved, Speights won't play 30+ minutes a game. So there's that.

5. Andrew Bogut dominated again. Rinse, repeat, please stay healthy.

6. Playoff the season so far goes to Andre Iguodala. Let's just watch that video on a loop.

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