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GSoM Night 13 Recap at the Roaracle & our annual Free Throw Contest!

This past Saturday we celebrated our annual home game event held 2-3 times a season: GSoM Night number 13! A great night for Warriors basketball as they took on the Sacramento Kings... Good times with the GSoM Community, a free t-shirt designed by me, Tony.psd & a wicked free throw contest after the game!

Meet your GSoM Night Free Throw Champ Greg Leong! Defeated 300+ participants & didn't miss a shot!
Meet your GSoM Night Free Throw Champ Greg Leong! Defeated 300+ participants & didn't miss a shot!

GSoM Nights are great for the entire family!

First and foremost we here at GSoM would like to thank everyone that's been attending our events since 2007. Our main goal has always been to provide affordable seats for you, your families or a big group of friends looking to catch a Dubs game. We also throw in extra goodies like free t-shirts designed exclusively by myself and add in some bonus treats like our famous post game free throw contest or a special Q&A special with a special Warriors player.

These folks were off the hook! Killed it too at the free-throw contest!

GSoM Night 13 was something else. We spend so much time chatting, dropping our opinions on every game thread & exclusive stories on our site that it feels good just to hang back n' chit chat in person.

I got to the Roaracle 2 hours early and it felt real good chopping it up with the GSoM Faithful, passing out a few shirts and telling those that don't know about us to come join the fun! Lastly, this year's free throw contest was down to the wire... it was pretty hype and fun seeing folks nail back to back free throws.

From all of us: Thank you! GSoM Night 14 is just around the corner!

Now, on with the pics!

Spent the time with Quinn (right) and his crew passing out the official GSoM Night 13 tee!

This year we had assorted GSoM Night 13 shirt sizes! Mens Small - XL!

The line starts here for the GSoM Night free throw contest! 300 peeps deep!

Folks showing off their form prior to the shot lol...

This guy's a GSoM regular and I ALWAYS see him at our events! Thanks for the support!

2 shots in... proceed to the next round!

The final round! Last man standing wins!

Your GSoM Night 13 Free Throw Champ: Greg Leong! Winner of an autographed
Klay Thompson Jersey! Congrats fam!

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