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Preparing for the Warriors' Christmas Day game: What questions do you have for Clips Nation?

Clips Nation and GSoM are planning to do a Q&A prior to their upcoming Christmas Day meeting and we'd like to field questions from our communities first.

Stephen Dunn

Steve Perrin of Clips Nation and I are planning to do a Q&A in advance of the Golden State Warriors - L.A. Clippers game on Christmas Day and since we already did one in response to each other's questions earlier this season we wanted to things differently this time.

Clearly, a lot could be said about where those two teams are now compared to where Steve and I expected them to be at the beginning of this season, but rather than rehash our own thoughts we're going to each open up a space for questions from each community and then pick a few of the best from the other site to answer.

So what are your questions about the Clippers now in advance of their second meeting with the Warriors? What are the issues that you'd like insight on from a Clippers fan as the two teams look ahead to 2014?

Let us know in the comments and we'll post Steve's answers on Christmas morning!

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