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Warriors host Division-leading Raptors at Oracle

Wait - the 6-10 Raptors are leading the Flatlantic? Stranger things may happen this season.... stay tuned.

TV: CSN Bay Area / Radio: KNBR
Arena: Oracle Arena
Tip-Off: 7:30 PST

Blog Buddy: Raptors HQ

Stumbling but playing well, injured but healthier, the Warriors manage to get a single game at home before heading out again into the wild Western Conference. Although they have a losing record, the Raptors have a worse home record (3-6) than road record (3-4). This doesn't make them the best team in the league to get healthy against, but hey, they're leading a division. They're also a slow-tempo team, so the Dubs will have to push in order to gain the advantage.

With DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay joining Kyle Lowry, the Raptors feature a perimeter-heavy offense, albeit an inefficient one. With two wing scorers, both Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson will be challenged on the defensive end. Fortunately, Valanciunas is not yet living up to his potential, and David Lee + Andrew Bogut + JON should be enough against Jonas, Amir Johnson, and Psycho T (Tyler Hansbrough ).

So my questions for the game come down to:. Can Stephen Curry continue his superstar mode, and will he demand the ball at the end if it's close?

If David Lee once again has the best +- of any starter, will the demands for his trade intensify again?

Will DeRozan or Gay pass to anyone at any point in the game?

Will Draymond Green continue his steady development? (This could be getting tougher to do, since he's gone from 2nd rounder to 7th guy and a solid rotation player already.)

Will Sleepy do a new Craptors image of them atop the Atlantic iceberg?


  • Warriors by 7
  • Bogut - 5 blocks, 12 rebounds
  • Jonas V - 8 and 8
  • Rudy Gay - 18 pts on 19 shots


If you're playing in the group, who's your big gun for the night? Play here

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