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Douglas practicing; Iguodala traveling; MJack on Jermaine; Bogut on his health

News day. And quotes.

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The first thing I saw walking into practice was Kent Bazemore jumping and hollering while David Lee looked on seemingly puzzled. In the foreground was Stephen Curry doing his usual shooting drills. Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Harrison Barnes were off to the side practicing free throws. But most importantly, Andre Iguodala was on the court shooting and Toney Douglas in the side courts doing point guard drills with Nemanja Nedovic. Jermaine O'Neal was nowhere to be seen but Mark Jackson confirmed he will be fine and playing on the road trip despite the torn ligament in his wrist.

After the epic 27-point victory, the team got a day off on Wednesday but resumed practice and just about everyone stayed after for individual or group training before heading off on the road trip starting in Houston. Andrew Bogut and Mark Jackson took some time out to answer questions and since you're not here to read me rambling, here are the noteworthy questions and quotes:

Andrew Bogut:

Q: What does it feel like now to be healthy?

Bogut: It feels good. It takes a physical toll because it hurts but it takes a mental toll as well. It becomes very frustrating when you're hurt and training and you feel like you're stealing money. It hurts.

Q: (inaudible question)

Bogut: It sucks watching games on TV and not being a part of the team. I haven't missed a practice or a game from injury and I want to keep it up.

Q: Can you talk about the comeback a little bit?

Bogut: It wasn't a lucky comeback. That's how we play, run and gun.

Q: Do you feel like your offensive game is coming back?

Bogut: A little bit, yeah. My vertical has gotten a little better. I can get to those lobs Steph is throwing now as opposed to last year I had no chance of getting to them. Like I said, I'm never going to be the first, second or third option on this team so I'll take the scraps when I can and make the most out of each possession.

Q: What did you learn about the 27-point win?

Bogut: We learned we sucked for two-and-a-half quarters.

Mark Jackson:

Q: How did Douglas look?

Jackson: He will travel. He went through practice today. See how he responds and move forward.

Q: How about Iguodala?

Jackson: Will go on the trip. Didn't go through practice. Still getting treatment and rehab.

Q: Can you carry the 27-point win to the future?

Jackson: No, obviously guys feel good. It already seems like a month ago. If you're ever in a hole or build a lead like that, you understand that you gotta finish a team off or plenty of time to mount a comeback, and you have something to go back to instead of preaching something you've never experienced.

Me: When you guys signed Jermaine O'Neal, did you expect him to have that presence on and off the court?

Jackson: I knew him, but I didn't know him like that. I knew him well enough to be respectful. I played against him. But you don't know a guy until you get him in your locker room  and on your team. There were warning signs. Crazy thing in this league; people said things about Jarrett Jack; people said things about Carl Landry; people said thing about Jermaine O'Neal. And some were right on, and majority of them were way off. That's hilarious to me. He's a great leader with a great voice and he's been tremendous for us.

Q: Do you recall as a young player and remember a veteran presence like him?

Jackson: I was on a young team that experienced early success. Patrick Ewing was our leader and guys like that did things the right way. he wasn't a vocal leader but when he did say something it was powerful and meaningful. I would lean to a guy like that.

Q: Does it take a unique organization or atmosphere to let a guy (Jermaine) talk like that?

Jackson: Well I wouldn't say organization because at the end of the day, it's the locker room. I would say, the player's gotta be comfortable enough to know a coach is giving him the floor. The players respect him. I been on some teams where the coach will say "go ahead" and I been on some teams where the coach will say "shut up, this is my show". Which I think is clownish.

Q: You mentioned playing with Harrison a little bit before getting matched up with Rudy. Do you do anything like that with Bogut for Dwight or Gasol?

Jackson: No. Not that Harrison needs it but he's a young player and I'm having fun with him. Bogut is always on edge. He has that mentality going in anyway, which is why he is crucial for our basketball team.

Q: You don't want to say the wrong thing.

Jackson: Me? Me? I'm from New York {insert New York accent here}.


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