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Warriors start slow; try really hard to allow 115 points to Bobcats


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These aren't your 2009 Golden State Warriors anymore, they tell us. This "they" is a jackass of a person, I tell you. There sure is a lot of telling going around these parts. If I had told you Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeff Taylor, Bismack Biyombo were out..well, actually that doesn't matter. The backups are similar in talent and doesn't pose much of a difference to the Warriors, anyway. You'd think. Of course, that'd mean you were thinking about matchups against the Bobcats; implying that you think it matters; which is weird, because they aren't good and the Warriors were supposed to be this contender-type team.

But when is Andre Iguodala back?

Then I'd tell you this is all about Andre Iguodala. Not about Mark Jackson's inability to go away from David Lee in not just crunch-time but overall playing time. Or about the lack of creativity on offense on a team that poses so many threats on the perimeter than it can downright embarrass opponents when it's used correctly. And perhaps key is that it's been used correctly before, implying the fixes are fixable if the ones in control are flexible.

But when is Andre Iguodala back?

The game itself wasn't as entertaining as the score suggests, with the Bobcats scoring 115 points with 62 coming after halftime. It only seems embarrassing, though, but considering the way the Warriors come to play against any and all basketball teams, it isn't surprising. You see, I had notes written down. Things like, "Harrison Barnes TAKE ONE MORE DRIBBLE TO BASKET", or "Bogut STAND STILL", and "David Lee TRY". Ya know, just regular basketball thingz. And there's no worse feeling than deleting those notes like those movie speech-givers ripping up their note cards.

But when is Andre Iguodala back?

"Is it time to panic?" is a pretty hilarious open-ended circular question. Bogut's been bad as of late. As has been Jackson's realization in the team's offense and effort. The bench is awful with or without Toney Douglas. Marreese Speights and Nemanja Nedovic certainly aren't helping. And while Draymond Green and Jermaine O'Neal are strong defenders...

But when is Andre Iguodala back?

No one is going to fire Jackson (this is a thing I've seen on the Interwebz, seriously). Bob Myers certainly isn't making moves barely a quarter through the season. But the fact -- I guess the sample size is enough now, right? -- remains that every weakness this team has had isn't surprising so much as the inability to fix them.

But when is Andre Iguodala back?


But when is Andre Iguodala back?


Tell me what the biggest problem, where to find solutions and when Iguodala will be back in the comments below.

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