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Golden State Links Post, DUBS GOING TO CHINA

Okay, not this year. The news from around the weekend on the Golden State Dubs and around the NBA.

He's going to be doing that in China!
He's going to be doing that in China!

Well, that was a depressing week of Bay Area sports. From the 49ers Super Bowl, to the San Jose Sharks (someone has to care) plummeting back down to Earth after a scorching start, culminating in a winless week for the Golden State Warriors.

But it's only one week and four games in a season of 36 weeks and 82 games. So there's that. There's also a stretch of several long homestands in March and the Dubs will play the majority of their remaining games at home. That's good news if you're in the business of being a "calm" Warriors fan.

Report: Warriors to face Lakers in China | CSN Bay Area

Big news of the week! Apparently, the Warriors will play Steve Blake's Los Angeles Lakers in China early next season. Not sure if that means preseason or regular season but that's kind of neat. Right? Except for the fact that the team has to travel across the globe for a 2.5 hour game. Then come back in the states for another, presumably. A young team like the Warriors, I'm not sure it matters. Plus, it's unlikely they've ever been to China so it'll be like a vacation for many of the players. Except Jeremy Tyler, pretty sure he hates playing overseas.

Golden State Warriors Blog And Forum | " Blog Archive " Assessing the Warriors’ Defensive Woes

I highlighted some of the Warriors' struggles defending the three-point line but this post has ALL THE CHARTS! So check it out.

Know Your Role: Carl Landry and the Playoff-Bound Golden State Warriors - The Triangle Blog - GrantlandReport:

A random Carl Landry post floating around the internet. Seems like so long ago when the Warriors beat down the Phoenix Suns but this nicely sums up the underrated work of Landry this year off the bench.

Marcus Thompson | Profile on Sulia

Trade deadline time means every player is "asked about and untouchable" until they aren't untouchable. In this week's edition of trade talks, Harrison Barnes is the player all execs have been asking about. Wake me up when stuff starts to happen.

Around the NBA

Cavaliers prepared to offer Greg Oden two-year deal -

NBA - Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Jones among young players who could be traded - ESPN

Los Angeles Clippers, Houston Rockets could buy at trade deadline - NBA - Ian Thomsen -

Truly hope Greg Oden stays healthy and fulfills some type of potential he showed at Ohio State.

More trade deadline, and much more exciting. Whereas the Warriors are content with their players—as they should be, given that they haven't played together enough yet and do offer tantalizing potential—there are other contenders who may be wiling to part with key players that can change the landscape of the playoffs.

If you can't see the ESPN Insider piece, the players are as follows: Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Jones, Tobias Harris, Nando de Colo, John Henson, Jordan Hamilton, Evan Fournier, Timofey Mozgov, Alec Burks, Jared Cunningham, Fab Melo, and Patty Mills. Any players that the Warriors can trade or that can affect the Western Conference Playoffs? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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