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Golden State Warriors vs. Phoenix Suns Preview: Dubs All Day!

Tonight we face the Phoenix Suns in our house. While I'm hesitant to say it's an easy win, you never know. Play consistent, be one step ahead of the Suns and finish the night with a "W" Golden State! We're playing with confidence and a record to show! Dubs All Day!

They need to work on their high fives!
They need to work on their high fives!
Tip-off: 7:30pm PST
Where: Oracle Arena
TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680

As a Warriors fan, year after year I've always expected a rough road ahead within each season. It hasn't been easy and at times my patience would grow thin. The wins were hard to come by and losses seemed to pile high. These days… the word "excitement" runs wild across the Bay! We're winning, playing hard and having fun at the same time! You see it in the players and our fans.

What can I say about these Warriors that's exciting?! Our third straight win with Curry on the bench resting his ankle. Oh, and the return of Andrew Bogut with his block party bonanza?! We got veterans and our young guns making key plays. Bogut's defensive presence is definitely a blessing. It's great to see him score no doubt but adding rebounds and blocks to our defensive arsenal... yes please! That's the help we need for our bigs, they just got an upgrade! Stephen Curry might be another game time decision, but we should be good with Jarrett Jack in his place. I don't mind him resting for another day.

Tonight we're facing a Suns team that lost last night at home against the Mavericks. Though the team's struggling, (they've also got a new interim coach, Lindsey Hunter) their bright side last night was Goran Dragic scored 19 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. Shannon Brown dropped 20 points off the bench. Phoenix also gave up a handful of rebounds and were unable to get any stops against the Mavs. Hopefully we can capitalize on their mistakes and out score them fast.

Key plays to take the win:

- Defensive presence: Just keep bringing it! With Bogut in the line up, our front court has the help it needs. Just don't slack off, lol. I feel like our cypher is complete!

- Hit those 3's. Thompson, Jack, Barnes - all key players to hit the 3-pointers.

- Run the court. Take your pick: Barnes taking flight, Lee scoring inside and out. Just out hustle Phoenix scoring wise and control that clock.

- Dubs are playing at home, best fans in the NBA! Feed off that energy!

-Lastly, play smart. Simple as that!

As an added bonus: My wife and I gave Jarrett Jack one of my "Dubs All Day" tee's! He genuinely liked it! Good looking out!

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