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Jarrett Jack on his nickname 2 Jz, 2 Chainz, Stephon Marbury, and more

"2 Jz" explains his uniform number, a nickname for his jumper, and his thoughts on starting vs coming off the bench as well as the Sixth Man Award.

"2 Jz" with a "barcalounger"
"2 Jz" with a "barcalounger"

This is the beginning of a potential series of quick mini-interviews with various Golden State Warriors players, based on recent game performances and what the Warrior fan community is currently talking about in game threads...

On Media Day, Jarrett Jack first mentioned that a suitable nickname for him might be "2 Jz" (a reference to rapper "2 Chainz" and, of course, Jack's initials). Not too long ago, he confirmed the endorsement of the nickname. This morning after shootaround at the Warriors practice facility, Jack told me whether it had anything to do with his uniform number 2. He also reacted to a nickname Twitter came up with for his lean-back jumper, and his thoughts on his chances for the Sixth Man Award.

Here's the full transcript...

PMC: Is there any correlation between your nickname "2 Jz" and the number 2 on the back of your jersey?

2 Jz: Not really. No. 2 is my little brother Justin's. He wore number two all his life. When I got traded to New Orleans, #1 and #3 had already been taken, so I said, Hey why not wear number two, represent my little brother?

PMC: Favorite 2 Chainz song?

2 Jz: Ooh, that's a tough one. That's my guy. I live in Atlanta. I've been knowing Tauheed (Epps) -- that's his real name -- super, super long. Favorite 2 Chainz song? Hmmm... The one with him and Lil Wayne. He performed it at the VMAs. I forget what it's called, it's a dope, dope record. [Note: The song is "Yuck".]

PMC: Your twitter handle has the number 3 (@JarrettJack03). "3" is from your previous number?

2 Jz: Yeah, I wore 3 pretty much all my life, wore it in college at Georgia Tech. Stephon Marbury is (sic) my favorite player, so that's the inspiration behind that.

PMC: There are some nicknames out there for your jumpshot. There's The Yawn and then there's the Barca Lounger.

2 Jz: The what?!!!

PMC: THE YAWN! And the barcalounger, because you lean back.

2 Jz: (laughs)

PMC: What are your thoughts on those?

2 Jz: I mean, I guess I gotta go with them. The thing with nicknames is you don't really pick them, they kinda pick you, so if that's what it is, then I'm rolling with it.

PMC: Alright, and then sort of a serious question is do you prefer starting or coming off the bench? [Note: I hate asking these vanilla media questions but at this point the elapsed time had only been one minute thirty seconds; will try to avoid in future minis!]

2 Jz: It doesn't matter. At the end of the day, I just try to contribute in a positive way to my team. That's not a politically correct answer or whatever, it's just the honest truth.

PMC: Thoughts on Sixth Man Award?

2 Jz: It's great to be mentioned, but you know I'm always about trying to get to the playoffs. That's one of the most incredible feelings I've felt as a professional and I just wanna feel it again. [Note: In 2011 the New Orleans Hornets, with Jack on the team, made the playoffs.]

And with that, a throng of reporters came by and got the standard post-shootaround Q&A with him, albeit there's some funny non-vanilla stuff in there, too. Mission accomplished!

Anyone going to the game tonight? If so, it's Social Media Night and Facebook Checker-Inners can attend a postgame chat with Jack. I probably won't be able to attend, but feel free to add the experience here in the comments!

And if there's anything else you'd like me to ask "next time", please post in the comments. These mini-interviews are a work-in-progress and we'll see how it goes. Also let me know whom you'd like to get next. I'm thinking Harrison Barnes. Btw, it's best to pick someone not named Stephen Curry or David Lee for these, as the Warriors PR staff already get inundated with requests for the stars.

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