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Warriors at the trade deadline: Reinforcements?

The trade rumors are swirling and unless you're the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder, you are part of the fun too! This is the latest edition of Golden State Warriors trade rumor updates.

How long is Klay going to wear the uniform?
How long is Klay going to wear the uniform?

As the Golden State Warriors roll into Oracle Arena in search of their seventh loss in as many games—or so it feels like right now with the way they're playing—Bob Myers' cell phone won't be taking any breaks.

Just when we all thought they weren't going to plan anything drastic (franchise-ish player?) or make a trade just to get under the luxury tax, new rumors start to pop up.

What. The. Heck. Just. Happened.

But don't worry! The two sentences don't correlate!

It's like deja vu where the Warriors trade for the injury-prone guy and he sits out the year and we all drool over the potential of the starting five of Stephen Curry/Harrison Barnes/Andrew Bogut/David Lee/ Eric Gordon. Yeah, like that. Except for the fact that THIS IS NOT GOOD! There are no solid knees and ankles in that group of players.

But wait until next year when everyone is healthy! It's a damn vicious cycle us Warriors fans go through.

According to John Reid of Times Picayune, the package appears to be centered around shooting guard Klay Thompson.

Not sure how Gordon fits in with a team that's been absurdly injury-prone. It's not like he's stayed healthy since he's gotten back on the court. The fact that he's been playing coy with his injury since the offseason and his expressed disapproval with New Orleans management made him a trading piece. But that does nothing for the Warriors. That and his 1.5 rebounds per game. Say what you will about Klay Thompson but he's stayed healthy through the first year and a half of his career, appearing in all 119 games. Gordon has played 84 games in the past two seasons and change.

After what Bob Myers said about assessing his team now that it's healthy, this trade doesn't make much sense. Let's go through the scenarios as to why he is contemplating this move:

1. Panic move because of the losing streak but Gordon gives the team the slasher it needs.

2. Doesn't see Klay as the player opposite Curry and realizes he may have to choose between Barnes and Klay a couple years from now.

3. Shopping Klay around to gauge his true trade value.

I get that Gordon can shoot, slash, and present the Warriors franchise with the potential of a true superstar guard. But that was the player several years ago. Not only is he still feeling knee soreness but he was just signed to a max contract over the summer.

Even Charles Barkley himself has said the backcourt of Curry and Klay won't work out but my fellow colleague has done a great job of disputing that notion. If for some off reason, Myers believes this to be the case—he wasn't the general manager when the Warriors drafted Thompson—he could be hedging his players for the future. The other scenario is that he wants to get value for Klay before he has to decide between him and Barnes in the future, but that seems far-fetched because these two players aren't anywhere close to James Harden, Russell Westbrook, or Serge Ibaka. Given that, the Warriors may have enough money to pay both regardless. It's simply way too early to tell.

Gauging Thompson's trade value is certainly understandable and it can be argued that a general manager's job is to do his due diligence on every single player. That's probably why rumors were floated that executives were asking about Barnes. It's true that Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson's contracts—although it's likely one will go in the theoretical trade to New Orleans—will come off the books after next season so why backload it with another hefty contract with Gordon's?

The problem here isn't the fact that a talented, young, cheap asset like Klay Thompson is being shopped, but the fact that Bob Myers is entertaining the thought of Eric Gordon as a major contributor to what can be a playoff team this year. That's wishful thinking and perhaps a bit delusional.

Side note: Gordon has a no-trade clause but why would he use that when he has wanted to get out of New Orleans for a year now?

Saying that, I'm going to hedge my bet and say this could all be false. If that's the case, troll on Bob Myers. Troll on.

On to the next trade rumor, this one a bit more sensible.

According to Ken Berger of CBS,

Executives believe the Warriors will look to move two of their minimum-salary players to get under the tax for the same reason. The clock would start on Golden State's repeater status even though they're less than $1 million above the line.

Those two rumors have nothing to do with each other. But please don't trade Kent Bazemore. It's been about a decade ago since I've seen his celebrations but I'm hoping it'll make a comeback soon. You can have ALL the Jeremy Tylers and Charles Jenkins, though.

I can't wait to read this a month from now when Eric Gordon is scoring 25 points per game and the team is in the hunt for home-court advantage. Let's hope Bob Myers' trollosophies are Jim Harbaugh-esque. In other words, he sees shit we don't and he does as he pleases because he knows much more about this sport than all of us combined.

In other words, I sure as hell hope the Warriors know what they're doing.

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