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2013 NBA trade deadline: Golden State Warriors don't make a deal...yet...?

The 2013 NBA trade deadline passed at noon PST without any announcement of a Golden State Warriors deal, but Rusty Simmons reports that something minor might still be in the works. For more NBA deadline coverage, check out SB Nation's NBA trade rumors 2013 section.

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Update (12:50 p.m. PST):

Stay tuned...

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Despite rumors of a acquiring a max-contract player and shipping out a minimum-contract player, the Golden State Warriors chose not to make a move at the 2013 NBA trade deadline.

Earlier this morning, San Jose Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami listed three reasons why the Warriors wouldn't make a move:

-The Warriors don't want to trade the players that other teams keep asking about (Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Steph Curry);


-They have very little financial flexibility-essentially, they'd have to get a team to take either Andris Biedrins or Richard Jefferson in order to make any kind of large deal, and no team is interested in that;

-The Warriors have to see how things fit with Andrew Bogut playing relatively unlimited minutes every game, as he just started to do last night.

Kawakami goes on to elaborate on the third point and that is probably the most dominant sentiment for me.

But I will leave you with a pair of my favorite responses to deadline mania from this morning: a tweet and a GSoM comment.

The tweet:

The comment:


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