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Game Links #55: Golden State Warriors 107 vs San Antonio Spurs 101 - Best team in the league? Not in our house!

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Box score | Gameflow

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Postgame: Post Game Parrrrrrrty!
Game thread: Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Community Live Blog: 2 in a row is possible, but 18 in a row is impossible (1700+ comments)

Spurs: Pounding The Rock
Recap: Warriors outlast Spurs, win 107-101 in overtime
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Associated Press: Warriors rally past Spurs 107-101 in OT | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Warriors win in OT, end lengthy skid vs. Spurs
Rusty Simmons: Warriors beat Spurs in OT, 107-101
Carl Steward: Golden State Warriors beat San Antonio Spurs in overtime
Kyle Bonagura: Instant Replay: Warriors 107, Spurs 101

Thu, Feb 21

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
11:28 min: 95.7 FM: Ric Bucher on The Rise Guys
8:34 min: 95.7 FM: David Lee on The Drive
12:14 min: 95.7 FM: Bob Myers on The Drive
14:32 min: KNBR: Andrew Bogut with Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto
17:14 min: KNBR: Mark Jackson with Tom Tolbert and Ray Ratto

Practice interview bits - Mark Jackson, Klay Thompson.

Bob Myers on the trades.

Podcast (2/21/13) - Roundtable ft. Bob Myers, Mitch Lawrence & More by Warriors
This week's Warriors Weekly Roundtable.

Pregame News

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Aussies take center stage in Friday's Warriors-Spurs match up

- So much for having a large guy in the paint.
Rusty Simmons: GS Warriors center Andrew Bogut is out indefinitely
Kyle Bonagura: Bogut out 'indefinitely' for Warriors

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
6:29 min: 95.7 FM: Mitch Richmond on The Rise Guys
7:49 min: 95.7 FM: Henry Abbott on The Rise Guys
12:10 min: KNBR: Rusty Simmons with Gary and Larry
11:25 min: 95.7 FM: Chris Mullin on The Wheelhouse
12:55 min: KNBR: Bob Myers with Fitz and Brooks

- Shootaround interviews.
26.3 MB: Mark Jackson at shootaround.
20.4 MB: Jarrett Jack at shootaround.

Matt Steinmetz talks about Eric Gordon.

Matt Steinmetz on Andrew Bogut trying to fit in with the team.

Matt Steinmetz on the Warriors playoff seeding.

Postgame News

- No postgame news.

Postgame Videos

Jim Barnett interviews Jarrett Jack right after the game.

Mark Jackson at the podium.

Stephen Curry in the locker room.

- More locker room interviews.
16.2 MB: Jarrett Jack in the locker room.
25.3 MB: Stephen Curry in the locker room.

CSN highlights, recap.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 1.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 2.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Pretty Move
Curry's Tough Bucket
Spurs vs. Warriors: First half
Spurs vs. Warriors

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Spurs: Postgame Interviews (2/22/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On Jarrett Jack:
“With all due respect to what Jamal Crawford has done for the Los Angeles Clippers and with all due respect to what J.R. Smith has done for the New York Knicks - Jarrett Jack has been the best sixth man all year long. He’s carried us at times, been a great voice in our locker room, he’s a great competitor and he’s been outstanding since day one. When you look at our record and where we are sitting, how you could ignore what he has done for us off the bench with closing ball games and having a calming effect. Credit to our ownership, and Bob Myers and our front office – made it happen. A weakness of ours last year is now our strength.”

On tonight's win:
“We did this against a heck of a basketball team and the best coach in basketball – best to do it in any sport. To be down 80-67 against a team that executes you to death and to continue to make plays – we kept our heads together, inspired each other and encouraged each other. The credit goes to those players because they battled. David Lee was off the charts. Steph (Stephen Curry) made a heck of a play finding (Jarrett) Jack – I don’t know how he made that pass; it’s not in my repertoire. Just a beautiful win for us.”

On Klay Thompson's defense:
“I told Klay (Thompson) this morning when I gave him the assignment of Tony Parker, his offense is going to suffer. I don’t think there are many guys in the league, if any, that can take the challenge to defend Tony Parker the way that he runs and then to do the things that Klay (Thompson) does running off screens – it takes a lot of energy. Klay (Thompson) was disciplined enough to fulfill his assignment and that was to compete with Tony Parker and make him work for everything. Klay (Thompson) was great defensively tonight and when he needed a breather Steph (Stephen Curry) and Harrison (Barnes) did the job. Tony Parker is in the discussion for MVP this year and we did a good job of making him work.”
Jarrett Jack
On the game:
“Coach I thought said something really profound the other day in the locker room. You know, when we were going through that six game stretch losing streak, he said ‘you know, I relish these moments more than we are winning four in a row, five in a row, seven in a row, because these are the times when you find out who’s really with you. When things aren’t going great and you have to fight.’ All 13 guys, our coaching staff, everyone was locked in. We’re going to make this thing turn around and we did it tonight.”

On what led to the comeback:
“We just fight. Coach is a blue collar coach and he’s been instilling that mentality in us since day one. When there’s still time on the clock we know we have enough time to pull it out.”

On his performance in the second half:
“Coach yelled at me. There was a point in time in the fourth quarter and overtime where he yelled at me and told me to get going and take us home. I love him having that kind of confidence in me, and I just tried to come back and deliver for him.”

On his big three-pointer in the final frame:
“I wasn’t able to knock one down from distance all night. I’m glad the one I did knock down was that one, it was a very timely shot. Steph (Curry) had an unbelievable pass, and it was a big shot and we kept fighting.”

On momentum heading into the road trip:
“Without question. We have the best fans here in the world and we want to repay them by coming out here and playing as hard as we can for 48 minutes. I’m glad we came in here and went on a two-game winning streak. Now off to Minnesota tomorrow, we’ve just got to get out there and take care of business.”
Stephen Curry
On setting up Jarrett Jack's 3-pointer at the end of regulation:
“I was looking at the basket and David Lee but I couldn’t get a shot up so the next option was out there. We go through rotations all the time on offense and he was where he was supposed to be and I passed to him. It’s something I work on every day. My assistant coach and I go through shooting drills and that’s one of them. It’s a pass we try to make before every game. We had a good laugh about that because it’s the first time I’ve actually thrown it this year from the baseline out.”

On beating the Spurs for the first time in five years:
“They’re the best team in the league right now playing the best basketball, so it’s a big win for us. It makes it even bigger to get on the winning side against them so we just had to get it done.”

On the comeback victory:
“There was a positive attitude on the bench. I think that the last string of losses told us that we have to keep playing, keep fighting, never lay down and keep a positive attitude and keep the bench upbeat. We fell down with nine minutes left but we realized that we had nine minutes and enough time to make a run, and we did that.”

On the team's defense:
“That was a great (first) half of defense holding them to 38 points, but we were still down so we had to find some rhythm offensively. I think down the stretch a couple plays we let them get to the basket, but other than those plays we buckled down, made them take some shots and try to keep them off the foul line as much as possible down the stretch.”


- Andrew Bogut DNP because of back spasms and is considered out "indefinitely". The spasms started yesterday, and Bogut didn't practice. They took an MRI, but results aren't back yet.

What's next?

- Onto the road we go. For some strange reason, we have a 12:30pm game up next. No idea why. The Warriors better not over-celebrate this win tomorrow. After that, ANOTHER 4 games in 5 nights out east. Oh boy.

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Sun Feb 24 12:30 PM @Timberwolves CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Tue Feb 26 4:00 PM @Pacers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Wed Feb 27 5:00 PM @Knicks CSNBayHD ESPN KNBR 680
Fri Mar 1 4:30 PM @Celtics CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Sat Mar 2 4:00 PM @76ers CSNBayHD NBATV KNBR 680

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