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Warriors trade grades and Atlanta/Philadelphia reactions

The Warriors didn't get Eric Gordon but shaved their payroll to avoid the luxury tax.

So long to backup guard Charles Jenkins.
So long to backup guard Charles Jenkins.

I boarded a flight right about the time the trade deadline was getting down to its annual craziness. Extremely petrified of an inexplicable Klay Thompson for Eric Gordon swap, I had no choice but to sit on a wifi-less (unless you insist on paying 15 dollars for laggy connection) plane for 90 minutes praying nothing will come of the trade rumors.

When I shakily turned on my iPhone after a bumpy landing, a bombardment of texts flooded my messages about the Warriors making two blockbuster trades. Yeah, my friends are all trolls.

In reality, the Warriors traded former second-rounders Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Tyler for a couple picks they may never see. In return, they got under the luxury tax so they won't have to pay the repeater fees in later seasons. This might be a harbinger of things to come in future seasons, especially with Richard Jefferson and Andris Biedrins coming off the books after next season. Add the fact that they might be in San Francisco's state-of-the-art stadium in 2017 and the team is proving to be quite the free-agent destination.

Golden State might be hanging with the big boys in a couple years.

Quick thoughts on both players:

Charles Jenkins was both a fun and irritating player to watch. He played with a ton of confidence down the stretch last season—hasn't been the same this year, however—and made plays driving to the basket. However, he also shoots poorly from distance and extremely well a step-and-a-half in. That's not good. Perhaps one day he can develop that three and become someone like Jarrett Jack. For now, it doesn't look like much of a loss especially with Kent Bazemore presenting much higher athletic potential.

The first time I heard of Tyler, he was one of the nation's top prospects that decided to skip his last year of high school to turn pro overseas. Piece on that found here. It was somewhat of a fad back then because of Brandon Jennings' success going overseas and getting drafted in the lottery. However, it wasn't all great in Europe as we all began to learn. Perhaps Tyler could have benefited from a year or two in college. Or if there wasn't the one-and-done college rule, he would have developed under a professional NBA team. Regardless, I wish a player of his talents flourishes somewhere.

Philadelphia Sixers Reaction

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Sixers fans aren't enjoying this season. Blame Andrew Bynum's hair.

Atlanta Hawks Reaction

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Hawks fans are probably more concerned with the fact that they didn't flip an unrestricted free agent in Josh Smith for assets. Granted, a sign-and-trade is still possible but the lack of leverage cost them something, anything in return.


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A great piece by SB Nation's Tom Ziller on one of the dullest trade deadlines of all time. Hint: last year's lockout may have had an effect on it.

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For all the people without ESPN Insider, I am here for you.

Golden State: B+

The Warriors had one goal Thursday, and that was to get under the tax threshold. They entered the day $1.2 million over, which necessitated dumping both Jenkins and Tyler. What makes this a win is that they managed to do so without giving up any other assets. In fact, they technically received second-rounders in both trades, though Sam Amick reports "they'll never see the picks." Jenkins may be missed, but he has never rated particularly well by the numbers, so it's not a huge loss. Golden State has enough wiggle room to fill the spot of third point guard with players on short-term contracts and stay under the tax.

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