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Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Preview: ESPN and Chris Mullin in the house for 2 in a row?

Can the Warriors get their second win in a row against the tough, tough, tough Spurs?


Golden State Warriors (31-23) vs San Antonio Spurs (44-12)

Tip-Off: 7:30pm

TV: ESPN | Radio: KNBR 680

Location: Roaracle Arena

Blog Buddy: Pounding the Rock

It's FRIDAY and there isn't a better way to celebrate than with a home game on national TV. Shoot, even ESPN knows it's worth some airtime!

Now let's get 2 W's in a row.

Warrior Killers X 17

There's one little, tiny, minuscule obstacle in place. The San Antonio Spurs are a bunch of Warrior killers if I ever saw one. From top to bottom these guys are constructed to beat up on the Dubs. I guess they're constructed to go after some rings as well, but that might be a secondary goal for Don Nelson's protege Gregg Popovich and crew. How else do you explain the Spurs winning 17 in a row against the Warriors?

The madness must stop tonight.

Getting the W

It's going to be tough , but here's 5 keys to getting this W:

  1. Bogut in the Middle: The Spurs have destroyed the Warriors in 17 straight contests largely due to the Warriors softness in the paint. It's on Andrew Bogut to welcome the Spurs to a new brand of Warriors basketball.
  2. Make Duncan Move: After 15 years Tim Duncan is amazingly still a top NBA player who can protect the rim, but he doesn't have the lateral movement he used to have and can be beat here. Here's an area David Lee needs to exploit. Lee needs to curl off screens and attack the basket from the mid-range off the dribble. He's enough of a threat with his midrange jumper that Duncan can't cheat off him.
  3. Don't Let Tony Park in the Lane: It's seems simple, but it's tough to do. Don't let Tony Parker penetrate at will. Take your chances and see if his jumper is on tonight. A big night from Jarrett Jack on defense is a must.
  4. It's Raining 3's in Northern California: Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson need to make Mac Dre (RIP) and Raphael Saadiq proud tonight. Trade 3's for 2's tonight. Shoot, make good old Nellie proud too.
  5. Jacked Up: Lastly somehow make Stephen Jackson think it's all on him. The crowd can help out (hint, hint), but 4 or 5 turnovers from the artist formerly known as Captain Jack can't hurt the Warriors chances of coming away with the W.

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Also thanks to Kristen Hudak from ESPN for reaching out and giving us the heads up about Chris Mullin providing color for tonight's nationally televised festivity. Welcome back Mullie!

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