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Warriors Week 15, also known as 49ers recovery week

In the midst of a four-game winning streak against lower-level teams, the Warriors take on four playoff-quality opponents.

Keep that man healthy.
Keep that man healthy.

Back to the NBA, people!

Five yards to cap one of the greatest drives of all time...

Back to the NBA!

Where your Golden State Warriors are 30-17 and not just one of the best teams in the Western Conference but in the NBA. WIth only five games until the All-Star Break, the Warriors can make a big statement with wins over top-notch competition while watching the Los Angeles Clippers keep struggling on the road without Chris Paul.

Keep in mind that Andrew Bogut should play without restrictions after the All-Star Break and Stephen Curry will have a week to rest that troublesome ankle. He played great great against the Phoenix Suns but there were moments in which he was favoring it on defense.

Tuesday, vs. Rockets, 5:00 p.m., CSNBayArea

Remember Jeremy Lin? The Lin-sanity run of just a season ago is now stashed in the back of everyone's minds. Lin has struggled this year but the story in Houston in their high-octant, fast-paced offense led by James Harden. It'll be interesting to see which game of the back-to-back Andrew Bogut will play but I'm guessing it'll be this one, as it's more likely that the Dubs win this game than the next one.

Wednesday, vs. Thunder, 5:00 p.m., CSNBayArea

Pretty sure Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will remember the game they lost at Oracle to the Dubs a couple weeks ago. Westbrook played one of the worst games of the season and Durant struggled to close for the first time in his career (sort of). The return of Bogut and Westbrook's forever childish antics have happened since then. Suffice to say the Thunder will be out for revenge, and sans Bogut, this could get ugly quick.

Friday, vs. Grizzlies, 5:00 p.m., CSNBayArea

So how does Rudy Gay's trade impact the Warriors? We're going to find out real soon. The trade has opened up more touches for Gasol and Z-Bo while allowing more spacing with Tayshaun Prince. This may be a trade that benefits both sides (the team and Gay himself), and maybe even the Warriors. An intriguing question that will unpack itself throughout the rest of the season and perhaps, postseason.

Saturday, vs. Mavericks, 5:30 p.m., CSNBayArea

Hopefully this time around, Harrison Barnes won't fall for any more Vince Carter old-man tricks. With Dirk presumably healthy enough to go this time, it may be a tight game. If the Warriors can finish the week 2-2 (and a win against the Houston Rockets again next week), it'll represent not one of the best first-half records in the past decade, but in the history of the franchise.

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