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Tweet Recap: Warriors win in a rare blowout

The Golden State Warriors destroy the cold-shooting New York Knicks, 92-63.

David Lee neared a triple double in a game against his former team.
David Lee neared a triple double in a game against his former team.
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Recap number two! Doesn't hurt to have a couple different takes on what was a strong win for the Dubs.

Despite another below-average Jarrett Jack performance, the Golden State Warriors rebound from two straight losses to crush the Amare-less, Melo-less and J.R.-less Knicks. Well, two of those guys played—Melo and Smith—but they turned in otherworldly bad performances in shooting their team out the game. We got to see firsthand why Carmelo Anthony doesn't really help the team with his suspect passing and horrid help defense when he doesn' t have his shot going.

But I digress.

Golden State of Mind's second live-tweet showing pushed the site's record to a sterling 1-1, with Ivan and I manning the controls, or the keyboard so far.

Here are some tweets from last night's game courtesy of yours truly:

Andrew Bogut looked quite fleet of foot—as fleet as possible for a guy a tad out-of-shape and still avoiding offensive plays like Andris Biedrins—on the defensive end in affecting numerous shots and boxing Tyson Chandler out. It's refreshing to see Bogut watch the shot go up, immediately search for a big man, and push him out of the paint. Chandler had eight boards. He had 28 the last game.

The Warriors defense was much better in this game but it was probably more so about the Knicks missing a ton of shots and the game getting out of hand in the second half. Regardless, they contested and trapped Melo enough to force turnovers and find a transition game.

I got a bit of flak for this one, rightfully so, as Curry is the team's best pure passer but Lee is an excellent interior and cross-court passer. On several occasions he saw a double come to him, took a dribble backwards and tossed a TWO-handed pass to a wide-open Curry and Thompson for a three. The touch passes with Bogut are few and far between but that's a piece for a later time.

Harrison is trying. Every time he got the rock in the first half, he embarked on a path to the basket. Be it dribble penetration, posting up, pump fakes, he tried it all to get himself going. Problem is, he could only muster five shots the entire game in 16 minutes. Granted, it was a blowout but it's hard to see Barnes get himself going without called plays on the offensive end. The potential is there, we'll just have to hope he asserts himself sooner rather than later.

Just another Joey Crawford reffed game. J.R. Smith fouled Barnes—yes he got a touch!—while he was going up for a layup, a seemingly innocuous shooting foul resulting in two shots. But nope, the referees called him for a Flagrant 1. The NBA rulebook states Flagrant 1 as "unnecessary contact" between a player and their opponent. It sure seemed like Smith was just going for the ball but I guess I can understand the overreaction in what was supposed to be a close game. But in an upset and for no reason, the refs termed it a Flagrant 2 and kicked Smith out the game.

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of Smith as a player—jacks shots up with no abandon, but check his twitter for lulz—but it seemed like a call against J.R. Smith because he is J.R. Smith. Reputation sure precedes the right call, or something. Whatever it is, let's get this cleaned up. And while we're at it, how the hell do we define a clear path foul?

The offensive potential on that five-man squad is pretty tough to stomach but imagine the way they could trap and defend pick-and-rolls. Even the biggest man, Ezeli, is agile for his size. More of a Summer League lineup—am I the only one excited about the new set-up?—but potentially dominant on the defensive end in spurts.

The last one courtesy of Ivan. Safe to say he didn't like those new sleevesies.

We'll be tweeting most of the last 17 games, so keep following and interacting. That's the best part.

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