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Golden State Warriors vs. Philadelphia 76ers Preview: "We in Philly tonight!"

We started our 5 game road trip with a sloppy win at Minnesota. Who can forget that scuffle in Indiana or better yet Stephen Curry's 54 point career night at the Garden! Though we came up short last night against the Celtics last night our road trip is finally coming to an end and Philly is the place to be. With the 76ers struggling in the win category, our Dubs can really use one to close off one of the most interesting road trips in recent memory. It's the Warriors vs. 76ers and I smell victory for Golden State!

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors (33-26) at Philadelphia 76ers (22-34)
Tip-off: 4pm PT
Where: Wells Fargo Center
TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680
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I'm sayin'... "We could really use this win tonight to close out this road trip." I'll bet you the 76ers are saying thing with the way there season is going so far. (22-34 record) If our Warriors can't play it smart this could be anybody's game. The Sixers are plagued with key injuries from Andrew Bynum (knee swelling) and Jason Richardson (knee surgery last month). Watch out though, they've got Jrue Holiday who can light it up against our Dubs.

Key plays to get a W:

- Golden State's gotta hit their shots & avoid turnovers. If we can drive up a solid lead and control it (yea, I know on the road, haha) things can go our way. Solid defense and good ball control is key.

- Hit those 3's. Curry, Thompson, Jack, Barnes - don't force it, if they got the open shot, drain it.

- Like a Boss: Let Curry run the floor & create plays. Find open guys and feed em' the ball.

- Big plays from Jarrett Jack and David Lee. Amongst them, someone will rise up! (possibly another nasty dunk from Harrison Barnes?!)

-Lastly, I'll say it again: Play smart. SImple as that Warriors!

Predictions on the road:

I smell a nasty dunk from Harrison Barnes.

You see that? David Lee drops a triple double in philly!

Can we get another 54+ point night from Stephen Curry? Ugh... Just win it, even better!

How do you spell clutch? J-A-C-K!

Would love to see more playtime for Bazemore but when the big plays drop from our team, bench antics are welcome!

Warriors win by 9 on the road.

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