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D-League Update: Nine in a row

The Santa Cruz Warriors rally past the Idaho Stampede 89-84 to extend their winning streak to nine in a row. Jeremy Tyler starred with 22 points on 10-17 shooting.

Jeremy Tyler is making a name for himself in the D-League.
Jeremy Tyler is making a name for himself in the D-League.

Try as you might, you care. You care about the players that you've never heard of, battling and scraping for a chance at the big league roster. And even though you might not watch the games, you'll click the headline because you want to know how the potential future is doing for your Golden State Warriors.

That's why we'll chart the numbers for Travis Leslie, Jeremy Tyler, Darington Hobson, Scott Machado, and Hilton Armstrong without ever seeing them play at the next level. How do I know this? I'm that guy. I'll never stop watching Summer League, D-League, or even the pickup games at the Olympic Club. You just never know when you're going to see the next Jeremy Lin and you can revel in the notion that you saw it first. There's no extra points for that trivial accomplishment, it's just the love for the game.

I tracked Kosta Perovic's stats in Europe hoping he'd someday crack the roster.I wondered if Marco Belinelli would be the perfect shooter in Nellie's system. And I swear that Patrick O' Bryant would....nah, that's just a fail. And I'm sure most of you did the same. I'll be seeing you in Vegas during Summer League. The land where Josh Selby becomes MVP and we never hear from him again. But if he had turned into something, we always had those couple days to fall back on, and tell our grandkids the time a little-known player blossomed into a star.

This year's, or the last 2-3 weeks of the season's star belongs to Jeremy Tyler. He posted another big-time scoring effort, making 10 out of his 17 attempts for an efficient 22 points.

They played a team with a couple college superstars (Justin Harper and Justin Holiday) and D-League vets (Coby Karl), and pulled out their ninth win in a row.

But the big picture is that you all probably care a little too much about basketball and the Dubs. This is good.

Highlights below:

The Santa Cruz Warriors took halftime to retire the badges of two fallen officers in Santa Cruz.

Videos courtesy of Jerry Hoffman

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