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Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trail Blazers Preview: Quest for the 6th seed continues!

Golden State started off the week with a major win against the Los Angeles Lakers only to get suckered into a frustrating loss against the Sacramento Kings who seem to have our number in the wins category. The Trail Blazers are in town and in my humble opinion, it's still anybody's game tonight. The question is: which Dubs team is going to show up this evening? Monday's exciting squad hitting key shots, explosive defense and that intensity to win? Hmmm… or will Wednesday's Dubs squad who showed up with a lack of energy and a handful of missed key shots spoil the show? I've looked at every game for the past 2 weeks as a "must win" situation for the Warriors… lets handle business and get it! Warriors vs. Trail Blazers: Boom-Shaka-laka!


Tip-off: 7:30pm PT
Where: Oracle Arena
TV: NBA TV/CSN Bay Area Radio: KNBR 680
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The shorthanded Trail Blazers will be playing spoiler tonight even with LaMarcus Aldridge not suiting up due to a sprained ankle. For the Warriors... man, we MUST win to maintain that sixth spot in the playoffs, nuff' said! The mistakes made during Wednesday night's Kings match up was costly. Adjustments need to be made and a off the charts shooting night will really help us out. Lessen up on the mistakes and have big plays from everybody (including the bench) is the key to victory. Lets look at what we need to do to get the job done:

- Stephen Curry facts: He's averaging 22.4 points per game (7th in league) & a 45.2% 3-point shooter (3rd in the league). Have him run the floor with the pieces in place - Lee, Bogut, Jack, Barnes, Thompson, Laundry... Fan's will be throwing up the "W" tonight!

- David Lee the "Double-Double." We've been getting it night after night. Getting a little bit more out of Andrew Bogut offensively would help too but hey, I'm being patient with him still and he's doing a good job so far. (in my opinion)

- Problem: Klay Thompson was 1-13 shooting vs. the kings on Wednesday. Solution: flip that around tonight and shoot 13-1. That will put us on top.

- Harrison Barnes is the X-factor... more like the "dunk factor" actually! Always excited to see someone get posterized! Win or night his highlight dunks are exciting!

- Portland is short handed tonight. They're still a great ball club, but by exposing their problems, especially with they're leading scorer out, we can avoid the victory going to the spoilers.

- Dubs need to force turnovers and not create them!

- As always: Play smart. It's as sImple as that Warriors!


Klay Thompson shoots lights out

Stephen Curry has another 30+ point game

David Lee adds on his 28th league leading double double

Harrison Barnes goes on a "dunk rampage"

A whole lotta "Bazemoring" going on!

Nothing but big things for Golden State: Dubs win by 8

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