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Game Links #62: Golden State Warriors 87 vs Sacramento Kings 83 - In a battle of ugliness, Warriors were just a tad less ugly

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Box score | Gameflow

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Recap: Recap: The bad, the ugly and the win
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Kings: Sactown Royalty
Recap: Kings and Warriors go down the stretch again, but this time Golden St. comes out on top, 87 to 83
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Associated Press: Thompson's shot leads Warriors past Kings, 87-83 | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Thompson comes through for Warriors in win over Kings
Rusty Simmons: Warriors top Kings in ugly game, 87-83
Carl Steward: Golden State Warriors escape against Sacramento Kings
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Tue, Mar 5

- Ric Bucher held his online chat earlier today.
Ric Bucher: Ric Bucher NBA chat transcript (3.5.13)

- Notes from today's practice.
Carl Steward: Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut feeling a little run down, and that's an improvement
Vic Tafur: Kings have had Warriors' number
Rusty Simmons: Bogut's value to Warriors transcends stats

- Next preseason will feature the Warriors in China for 2 games.
CSN Bay Area Staff: Warriors to face Lakers in China during next year's preseason
Bay Area News Group: Warriors will play Lakers in China Warriors to Play L.A. Lakers in Beijing and Shanghai During 2013-14 NBA Preseason

- Some stat comparisons of Bogut on and off the floor.
CSN Bay Area Staff: Stats: Warriors with and without Andrew Bogut on the floor

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
5:52 min: 95.7 FM: Al Attles on The Rise Guys
11:32 min: KNBR: Marcus Thompson II with Murph and Mac
13:26 min: KNBR: Jarrett Jack with Fitz and Brooks

Carl Landry on KHTK (3/5/13) by Warriors

Klay Thompson on Fox Sports Radio (3/5/13) by Warriors

Klay Thompson on Fox Sports Radio (3/5/13) by Warriors

Leftover from the last game: Klay's 4th qtr heroics.

Mark Jackson practice interview, part 1.

Mark Jackson practice interview, part 2.

Andrew Bogut practice interview.

Practice interview bits: Mark Jackson, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Jarrett Jack.

Pregame News

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Cousins, Kings present challenge to Bogut, Warriors

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
7:58 min: 95.7 FM: Jim Barnett on The Rise Guys
9:47 min: KNBR: Jim Barnett with Murph and Mac
11:21 min: 95.7 FM: Keith Smart on The Wheelhouse
9:20 min: 95.7 FM: Tom Penn on The Drive

Bob Myers on Fox Sports Radio (3/6/13) by Warriors

Mark Jackson at shootaround.

Klay Thompson at shootaround.

Stephen Curry increases his range.

Stephen Curry increases his range, different angle.

Postgame News

- Jerry West talks about the need for Andrew Bogut.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors seek more minutes from Bogut

Postgame Videos

Ric Bucher interviews Klay Thompson right after the game.

Mark Jackson at the podium.

David Lee in the locker room.

CSN highlights, recap.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey.

Klay's game winner, from the crowd perspective.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Curry Finds Lee
Bogut Takes Advantage
Kings vs. Warriors: First half
Klay Seals the Deal
Kings vs. Warriors

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Kings: Postgame Interviews (3/6/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On the final play call:
“We set up a double-high screen for Steph (Stephen Curry) and the big guys did a great job of setting a screen to get him some airspace. Toney Douglas was defending him, did a good job all game long, forced the help and Steph (Stephen Curry) made a great read and David Lee made the read with Klay (Thompson) in the corner. There were a lot of options off of it, we made the right play and Klay (Thompson) hit a big shot.”

On Klay Thompson:
“I watch this guy every single day and this guy is a knockdown shooter in every sense of the term. When you pick guys, that have ever played this game, that had to shoot a wide open shot – he’s in the discussion. I have two guys in the discussion. That’s what Klay (Thompson) does for a living. I just love the way that we made the play, we read the play, didn’t try to do too much and got a high percentage look out of it.”

On if he trusts Klay Thompson more in late game situations:
“You can say that he did this last game. We started that fourth quarter down seven and Klay Thompson hit shots to put us in position to tie the ballgame and take the lead. I have no doubt at all about his ability to knock down those shots and make those plays. I understand the question, but it’s not like me shooting it, these are great shooters.”

On a grind it out win:
“This was a struggle. That’s a team – they have weapons and they can score the basketball. We did a very good job defending them and holding them to 39 percent from the field. We turned the basketball over and we were careless at times. We are not the Miami Heat or the Oklahoma City Thunder, a lot of the nights it is not going to be pretty. That’s a fact and we embrace it. I give my guys credit because we battled, we competed, we got stops when we had to and we continue to put a checkmark in the win column.”
Klay Thompson
On the game-winning shot:
"It was a drag screen for Steph (Curry), (David) Lee was doing the pin down for me, he played the part well and he popped, then he found me right in the shooting pocket. All I had to do was catch and shoot."

On hitting the last shot after missing his prior attempt:
"I couldn’t be happier. The first one felt good, but the thing is you can’t hang your head. You just have to be ready, and I was ready."

On why the pace of this game was different from prior matchups:
"It was one of those games you have to grind it out. Neither team pushed it that much, not that many transition opportunities, but we got to adjust to any style we play. We did a great job on defense. Our shots weren’t falling but that’s just a great testament to our defense."

On Utah and Houston both losing tonight:
"You pay a little attention to it but you can’t hope for other teams to lose or anything. You need to take care of business with the teams you play and make your own destiny. We can’t depend on anybody, we have to climb as high as we can."

On if the team is back to where it was prior to the losing streak:
"We still have some room to grow. We’re not there yet, but thankfully we have this home stand. We’re not there yet but tonight was a big step."
David Lee
On the game-winning play:
"When I saw my man go to head Steph (Curry) and trap him, I was always taught to be aggressive so I made a move to the basket. When Klay (Thompson’s) man came in I just made the best play I could and that was to find Klay in the corner."

On if he was surprised that Klay Thompson made the shot:
"No, he’s pretty good from there. I’m surprised his guy left him. I was trying to be aggressive like I said."

On getting a scrappy win:
"At this point of the season I’ll take a win any way I can get it. Our defense is much improved, and if we want to get to where we want to get this year our defense is going to have to play like that. If we do that we’ll be just fine."
Harrison Barnes
On bringing energy in the third quarter:
"Coach (Jackson) was just trying to say at halftime that we need to come with more energy. Their best player wasn’t having a great half and yet we were still down three. He said to get in that rhythm, get in that zone and take it upon ourselves to win the game."

On if his defensive effort tonight was better than normal:
"I just played better defense. We have not played well the first two times we played this team, they’ve always played a lot better when they play us. We did not want to leave our guard down, we wanted to come back and be ready for this game."


- No interesting notes tonight.

What's next?

- Homestand 2-0. The first time we played the Rockets, they made a video game amount of 3's. In the revenge game, they picked apart our D with 3's from the outside and dunks from the inside. Guess what's going to happen on Friday, on national TV.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Mar 8 7:30 PM Rockets CSNBayHD ESPN KNBR 680
Sat Mar 9 7:30 PM Bucks CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Mon Mar 11 7:30 PM Knicks CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Wed Mar 13 7:30 PM Pistons CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Fri Mar 15 7:30 PM Bulls CSNBayHD WGN America KNBR 680

Full broadcast schedule at

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