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Warriors sign Malcolm Thomas to shore up defensive issues

The Golden State Warriors didn't make any moves at the trade deadline to shore up their defense but did so today by signing Malcolm Thomas to a ten-day contract.

Malcolm Thomas playing for San Diego State.
Malcolm Thomas playing for San Diego State.
Ethan Miller

The defensive savior is here!

Well, not really. Tim Kawakami hinted at the Warriors signing a swingman of the strong-defense variety a couple days ago but the Warriors went another way by signing 6-foot-9, 24-year old Malcolm Thomas. He should be able to play tonight against the Houston Rockets.

Along with the trade for point guard Scott Machado, the Warriors appear to be making maximum use of their scouts and talent evaluators. Even though this is a ten-day contract, I wouldn't be surprised if the Warriors kept him for the rest of the season. Worst-case scenario: he can join Kent Bazemore's celebration crew. It's getting a bit lonely there ever since Jeremy Tyler left.

This obviously won't get the Dubs over the luxury tax. More on that tomorrow in my piece about Joe Lacob and money concerns.

Chad Ford of wrote this in his 2011 NBA Draft blog:

The athletic testing is even more subjective. While it gives us a look at players' speed and leaping abilities, every year many of the top tested athletes in the draft aren't drafted.

With that said, a few players seem to have helped themselves in this part of the workout. San Diego State's Malcolm Thomas came away the clear winner. Not only did he measure a little bigger than expected, but his athletic scores were off the charts; he was the most athletic big man at the workout.

Athleticism isn't the end-all, be-all for a basketball player but this team could use an infusion on that end, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Chris Wright—part of Tank City last season—Jeremy Tyler, and Kent Bazemore are all pretty athletic players who have yet to show true NBA potential.

Thomas also averaged 21 points, 11 rebounds and three blocks per game in 2011. Wow! That's definitely NBA potential, right? What D-League team did he play for?

Mobis Phoebus of the Korean Basketball League.


In 2012, he played a game for the San Antonio Spurs then split his time between three D-League teams in Austin, Rio Grande Valley, and Los Angeles. But hey, when R.C. Buford and Daryl Morey see something in someone, he must definitely have something, right?

Thomas played this season for the European team Maccabi Tel-Aviv, averaging 0.3 steals, 0.8 blocks and 4.1 shots in 15.9 minutes. I'm inclined to throw these numbers out the window because European basketball is a whole different world.

I've probably already spent too many words attempting to decipher a journeyman and most likely 10th-man on a 10-day contract on a defensively-challenged team. Fandom does funny things to a dude.

Then there's that.

I'm on board.

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