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Game Links #79: Golden State Warriors 97 vs Oklahoma City Thunder 116 - All those good vibes, wiped out after 3 qtrs.

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Box score | Gameflow

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Wed, Apr 10

- Sound good to you?
CSN Bay Area Staff: Report: Warriors owner guarantees championship

- The message among the team is that they're not done yet.
Kyle Bonagura: Warriors playoff bound, but keep perspective on bigger picture

- The best chance for us to advance is in the #6 spot.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors' No. 1 priority: Staying in the No. 6 spot

- latest blog entry tries to predict how the West will finish.
DotCom Blog: An Attempt to Clear Up the Playoff Picture

- These moves over the pass six years brought us to the playoffs today.
Adam Lauridsen: The Top 10 Moves that Brought the Warriors Back to the Playoffs

- Matt Steinmetz has his list also.
Matt Steinmetz: Five reasons why Warriors made playoffs

- Some of the great shooters of the past weigh in.
Ric Bucher: Is Curry on pace to become best 3-point shooter ever?

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
13:15 min: 95.7 FM: Chris Broussard on The Rise Guys
12:10 min: KNBR: Bob Myers with Murph and Mac
10:40 min: 95.7 FM: Marcus Thompson on The Pulse
11:57 min: 95.7 FM: Garry St Jean on The Wheelhouse
11:28 min: 95.7 FM: Jeff Van Gundy on The Drive
13:28 min: KNBR: Andrew Bogut with Tolbert and Byrnes
18:45 min: KNBR: Stephen Curry with Tolbert and Byrnes
16:49 min: KNBR: Mark Jackson with Tolbert and Byrnes
13:57 min: KNBR: Steve Kerr with Tolbert and Byrnes

Practice interview: Stephen Curry.

This is what happens when a rookie gives some lip.

More Kent Bazemore reaction.

CSN's segment on the Bazemore hazing.

- Animated gifs of the Bazemore hazing.
#LETSGOWARRIORS: The infamous #RookieBazing

Podcast (4/10/13) - Roundtable ft. Andrew Bogut, Chris Ballard, Playoff Bound Montage & More by Warriors
This week's Warriors Weekly Roundtable.

Pregame News

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Warriors aim to bolster playoff positioning against Thunder

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
9:32 min: 95.7 FM: Ryan Russilo (ESPN) on The Rise Guys
10:48 min: 95.7 FM: Mark Stein (ESPN) on The Pulse
7:10 min: 95.7 FM: Steve Kerr (TNT) on The Wheelhouse
12:12 min: 95.7 FM: David Lee on The Drive
11:28 min: 95.7 FM: Flip Saunders (ESPN) on The Drive

Warriors Tunnel Vision Part 4 - 4/9/13

- Shootaround interviews.
23.0 MB: Mark Jackson at shootaround.
20.9 MB: Jarrett Jack at shootaround.

Chronicle Live: Jim Kozimor interviews Bob Myers.

Postgame News

- Keep shooting!
Marcus Thompson II: Stephen Curry Becomes Youngest Player Ever to Hit 250 3-Pointers in a Season

- Sleepy talks about his record setting performance against the Lakers.
Monte Poole: Poole: Sleepy Floyd recalls his magical playoff moment with the Warriors

Postgame Videos

Mark Jackson at the podium.

Stephen Curry in the locker room, by gswscribe.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by NBAshowtimeHD.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Curry Crosses up Sefolosha
Steal and Score
Thunder vs. Warriors: First half
Jack's Reverse Layup
Eric "Sleepy" Floyd Interview
Thunder vs. Warriors

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Thunder: Postgame Interviews (4/11/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On the status of Andrew Bogut:
"Just a sprained left ankle. No X-Rays. We will treat it and act accordingly. We don't think it's too much. We will find out. We'll rest it, treat it and see how he responds. We are not too concerned about it."

On what went wrong in the third quarter:
"Even before that they played playoff basketball and we didn't. That was a team that is chasing the No. 1 one seed and was trying to send a message just in case I see you at some point down the road. We didn't meet their intensity. Disappointing for us. They hit first, they hit hard and they were very consistent. Give them credit."

On the Oklahoma City Thunder:
"They were very physical. They got after it. They did not wait to see how the feeling out process was going to be. They hit hard and they hit early. We didn't match it. We attempted to, and you can do it in spurts, but when you play against good teams it's too late, too late."

On if they can learn something from the loss:
"Believe it or not that team learned lessons and it wasn't just one night, it was continuous. We are not going to panic. We will continue to get better, continue to learn. Nights like this and nights where we win ballgames we are learning."
Stephen Curry
On the game:
"They're the team to beat. They proved it last year and they're proving it again this year, so for us to have a performance like that on our home court it's tough to swallow. We're a resilient team that will find a way to get it done. We have another opportunity tomorrow to keep that six spot against an L.A. team that needs to win. It'll be a big game for both teams. It'll be interesting to see how we come back from a tough loss like this tonight."

On the third quarter:
"They made plays. They put the ball in KD's (Kevin Durant) hands and he was able to draw attention, make some shots himself and then hit a lot of threes. In the halfcourt and transition they got looks from all over the court. We didn't respond very well during that run and the game got out of hand. We just have to learn from it."
Draymond Green
On Kevin Durant:
"He's one of the greatest players in the game. Whenever you have a guy his size who can shoot the ball and handle the ball the way he can, who can see over your defense and over your double teams, he's going to be tough to guard. It's always going to be tough, you just have to keep a body on him and try to make him make tough shots."

On how the team would defend Durant in the future:
"We have to be more physical. On Durant, myself, Harrison (Barnes), Klay (Thompson), whoever is on him, and as a team as well we have to be more physical. Be a force meeting force. Tonight they got whatever they wanted on the court, they stopped whatever they wanted on the defensive end, so we just didn't respond. If we meet them in the first round of the playoffs you have to play tough. You have to come out and play. The refs let you get away with a lot more in the postseason. You always hear 'playoff basketball,' it's a game that's a lot more physical. We've done a good job, we're not going to overreact from one game, but we just have to respond from this. It's a lesson learned."

Interesting Tweets
(during the game)
gswscribe: Yes, Andrew Bogut sprained the same ankle he had microfracture surgery on. Here's what I've found out so far...

I'm told Bogut sprained his left ankle in the last game. He played 30 minutes in the playoff-clinching win over Minnesota. Not surprisingly, there was no word about a sprained ankle last game. He felt good enough to start but was sat down after playing the first 9:05 of the game. It's apparently not bad enough to warrant an X-ray, because a Warriors official said he isn't having one. But it's bad enough to hold him out of the second half

(after the game)
gswscribe: Bogut has been officially ruled out for Friday's game at the Lakers
(after the game)
HBarnes: Even through rough performances like tonight I'm always appreciative of the die hard Dub fans that support us no matter what


- Andrew Bogut did not return due to a sprained ankle. The sprain happened in the last game. Check the tweets for gswscribe's tweet during the game.

What's next?

- Our last back to back, and it has to be against the Lakers, and on the road, and after getting stuffed by OKC on national TV. At least tomorrow's game isn't on national TV.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Apr 12 7:30 PM @Lakers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Mon Apr 15 7:30 PM Spurs CSNBayHD NBATV KNBR 680
Wed Apr 17 7:30 PM @Trail Blazers CSNBayPlus KNBR 1050

Full broadcast schedule at


- I just found out there was a sequel to the first Press Hop.

Press Hop 2 - by DJ Steve Porter