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Game Links #80: Golden State Warriors 116 @ LA Lakers 118 - How are we supposed to win playing 5 on 8???

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Box score | Gameflow

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: Warriors blow lead to Lakers, refs ref funny, Kobe hurt
Game thread: Warriors vs. Lakers game thread: Beat LA! (1760+ comments)

Lakers: Silver Screen and Roll
Recap: Warriors vs. Lakers final score: Lakers pick up win but Kobe hurt, final score 118-116
Game thread: Lakers-Warriors Open Thread


Associated Press: Lakers lose Kobe, survive thriller with Warriors | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Lakers win game, lose Kobe
Rusty Simmons: Game 80: Lakers 118, Warriors 116
Rusty Simmons: Curry scores 47 in loss to Lakers
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State's Stephen Curry lights up Los Angeles Lakers but Warriors fall
Kyle Bonagura: Instant Replay: Lakers 118, Warriors 116
Feltbot: No Coincidence: Lakers 118 Warriors 116

Pregame News

- Leftover from the last game.
Marcus Thompson II: Revisiting Game 79: Warriors Take A Step Back in Blowout Loss to Oklahoma City

- That gesture cost $25K.
Associated Press: Durant fined for 'menacing gesture' in game against Warriors

- Results of Bogut's MRI? A bone bruise.
Marcus Thompson II: Andrew Bogut missing Los Angeles Lakers game with bone bruise

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Warriors travel south to face desperate Lakers

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
10:56 min: 95.7 FM: Chris Sheridan on The Rise Guys
8:19 min: KNBR: Rusty Simmons with Murph and Mac

Jarrett Jack warming up, by gswscribe.

- Stephen Curry discusses what making the playoffs with this year's team means to him and the Warriors.
17.2 MB: Curry on Playoffs

Postgame News

- Matt talked about this during the postgame show.
Matt Steinmetz: Should Curry have taken final shot against Lakers?

Postgame Videos

Mark Jackson in the hallway.

Jarrett Jack in the locker room.

Stephen Curry in the locker room.

CSN higlights, recap.

Every foul in the game, by Rusty Shackleford.

Stephen Curry's 47 pts, by gumbywithpokey.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Breakin' Ankles
Slam Dunkin'
Warriors vs. Lakers

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors at Lakers: Postgame Interviews (4/12/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On their performance on a back-to-back:
"Great ball game. They really took over the basketball game, it was a great game."

On Stephen Curry:
"He was incredible. He’s an incredible shooter, an incredible player, and even better person. He got hot and put on another incredible performance. I’m still stunned he wasn’t in the all-star game."

On Klay Thompson guarding Kobe Bryant:
"Kobe’s [Bryant] an all-time great for a reason. Clay [Thompson] battled, he competed and I’m really happy with the way he defended. With Kobe [Bryant] you’re going to have to live with him making tough shots, we did a good job individually and collectively. I hope he’s okay."
Stephen Curry
On his performance tonight:
"I had some good looks. I was just trying to be aggressive early. When you’re able to be aggressive early and you see your shots falling, things start to open up. So it was a good feeling. I tried to maintain it over the course of the game. It was just a tough finish for us."

On what went wrong down the stretch:
"We scored 116 points so I don’t think anybody’s offensive output was a problem or the way we handled the fourth quarter, but when a team shoots 50 free throws it’s tough to overcome that and that’s what happened tonight so we just didn’t have enough to get over the edge."

On having a career night individually, but losing as a team:
"That’s twice this year so I got to find a way to finish it, whatever it takes. We had good looks. That last play we ran they double-teamed the pick-and-roll and I just tried to make the right play and Carl [Landry] had a good look at it, and he makes that shot 9 out of 10 times so that’s a good shot for us."
Jarrett Jack
On the opportunity the Warriors had to potentially knock the Lakers out of the playoffs:
"This game isn’t about them. We don’t care if they make the playoffs or they don’t. We’re in the playoffs. We got bigger ideas and things to tend to than worrying about another teams future."

On what went wrong down the stretch:
"They [Lakers] play well in this building. They have a number of talented guys on their ball club and they just ended up making more plays than we did down the stretch."
Klay Thompson
On tonight's game:
"It was a really tough one to endure. I thought we fought real hard. You can’t say Carl [Landry] missed a shot to win the game, or I missed a shot to win the game. It just comes down to getting defensive stops. We were in control and we made some untimely mistakes and that’s what it comes down to and we sent them to the free-throw line probably more than we needed to, but I thought we fought hard and gave ourselves a great chance to win."

On Stephen Curry's performance:
"Oh it’s something I expect. I’m not surprised. He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen, the best pure shooter I’ve ever seen and he makes everyone’s job around him easier just because he’s such a good playmaker as well and a great player and it’s unfortunate we couldn’t get the win for him."

On playing a Lakers team fighting for their playoffs lives and if they were able to match their intensity:
"Oh yeah no question, so are we. We’ve got the Rockets right on our heels so we’re really trying to stand by this six spot and we definitely matched their intensity tonight and like I said it came down to the last few minutes. We fought hard until the last buzzer so you can’t hold your head down. It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight, but we’ve got to games we can finish strong in and that’s all we can control now."
David Lee
On being a leader heading into the playoffs:
"One of the strengths of our team all season long as been our chemistry and I think Steph [Curry] and I have done a terrific job of leading the team and I think we’re in a great spot right now and when it comes time for the playoffs it’s going to be the same thing where Steph and I are going to be leaders and we’re just ready to take on that next challenge."

Interesting Tweets
(after the game)
gswscribe: FYI, Warriors' locker room was pretty livid over officiating


- Andrew Bogut's MRI revealed a bone bruise.

What's next?

- Now we have to sit a whole weekend fuming at a loss that we should have won. On Monday, we get the final home game of the season, and we don't know if the Spurs will rest their regular players or not.

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