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Warriors vs. Lakers game thread: Beat LA!

The Golden State Warriors face the L.A. Lakers tonight at 7:30 p.m. PST with playoff positioning still on the forefront of everyone's mind.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I left last night's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a bad mood, as I do after almost any loss.

But at the same time, that was understandable. Kevin Durant was just too menacing for the most part last night and when he's playing like that there aren't many teams in the league that can beat them.

Yet life goes on and tonight the Warriors have a game against a team struggling to make the playoffs that they should beat: the Los Angeles Lakers. And making this one potentially sweeter: Warriors win this one and they push the Lakers to only being a half game ahead of the Jazz for the eighth spot (who are in-progress against the Timberwolves). Also important for those of us looking for any bragging rights over friends and/or family down south, it would leave the Warriors in a tie with the Lakers for the season series.

That plus higher playoff seeding would just be amazing - who predicted that prior to the season?

Predictions: LA will be beat!

Game thread open.