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Game Links #81: Golden State Warriors 116 vs San Antonio Spurs 106 - Rockets lose, Warriors win, 6th seed is ours to take!

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Sat, Apr 13

- MT2 tries to calculate the game result if fouls had not been called.
Marcus Thompson II: Did the Referees Cost the Warriors a Win at the Lakers?

- Curry has 2 games to hit 9 3's to get the single season record.
Marcus Thompson II: Stephen Curry 9 Threes From NBA History

Sun, Apr 14

- On top of the crappy foul calls, this happens.
Marcus Thompson II: Jarrett Jack Fined $25K by NBA
CSN Bay Area Staff: Jack fined by NBA for verbal abuse on referee

- Practice interviews.
46.3 MB: Mark Jackson at practice.
31.4 MB: Stephen Curry at practice.

- Notes from practice.
Carl Steward: Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut misses practice

- And then after practice...
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Center Festus Ezeli the Latest Hazing Victim

(after practice)
gswscribe: Another rookie gets it. Festus Ezeli went to his locker after practice and saw the tire to his Benz at his locker
Dlee042: I had nothing to do with this one lol... @fezzyfel needs to call AAA! #rookiehazing #GSW
Jarrettjack03: Episode 2 of rookies that don't listen look at @fezzyfel car hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
andrewbogut: When rookies don't listen they need a taxi! @fezzyfel
BRush_4: #got'em
andrewbogut: The official @fezzyfel reaction to his car being "modified"! (Vid Quality is average) #rookies
fezzyfel: #rookielife they got me
fezzyfel: Does anyone want to gimme a ride home?
fezzyfel: Funniest part was that they hid the tires around the building lol

- After tonight's games, MT2 has a list of scenarios that could happen in the standings and the 1st round matchups.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Lose Grip on No. 6 Seed, Now Need Help

Pregame News

- This is what happens with a winning team. Warriors Establish Second Highest Total Attendance In Franchise History

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Warriors, Spurs meet in potential playoff preview

- Pregame transcript of Gregg Popovich interview.
Tim Kawakami: Gregg Popovich on the Spurs’ concerns, and a little–very little–bit on a potential first-round meeting vs. the Warriors

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
7:28 min: 95.7 FM: Gary Payton on The Rise Guys
7:52 min: 95.7 FM: Bill Shoening (Spurs announcer) on The Pulse

CSN's plays of the year.

- Shootaround interviews.
28.6 MB: Jarrett Jack at shootaround.
12.9 MB: Mark Jackson at shootaround.

Brandon Rush shows up at shootaround.

Postgame News

- MT2 lists the possible outcomes of the West and our 1st round opponents after this win.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors Can Clinch No. 6 Seed, Curry Can Set Record at Portland on Wednesday

Postgame Videos

Flight of the Falcon: Fan Night Edition.

- Animated gif: one of Joe Lacob's reactions during the game, by gumbywithpokey.
7.6 MB: lacob.gif

Ric Bucher interviews Stephen Curry right after the game.

Mark Jackson at the podium.

David Lee in the locker room.

CSN highlights, recap.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 1.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey, part 2.

Highlights by Blaiyan.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Curry Shakes and Bakes
Barnes Jams It
Spurs vs. Warriors: First half
Ezeli's Back-to-back Blocks
Spurs vs. Warriors
Arena Link: Stephen Curry

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Spurs: Postgame Interviews (4/15/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On tonight's game:
"I thought early on we were a little bit careless with the basketball, we were not as sharp defensively and we made mistakes. It's easy, not just as a young team but any team, to look on the opposite side and see no (Tim) Duncan, no (Tony) Parker, no (Manu) Ginobili and even no Kawhi Leonard and let your guard down. I've seen veteran teams do it. To a certain extent we talked about it and we still did it. It hurt us early. To my guys credit they responded and made the adjustments. Another big win for us. That's a team - we saw what they were able to do in Miami without some of their star players playing. This was a quality win for us."

On having alternate ball handlers in the starting lineup:
"With all due respect that is not the strength of Harrison (Barnes) or Klay (Thompson) right now. That's not who there are. Probably Klay (Thompson) is better at it. Jarrett Jack is a point guard. He's comfortable with or without pressure. He sees plays being developed and has a career high in assists tonight (12). I think the summertime is the time for guys to work on things that they do not do particularly well. Certainly Klay (Thompson) and Harrison (Barnes) are much more improved at handling the basketball then when the first got here, but at the end of the day that is not their strength."

On taking Stephen Curry out of the lineup late in the fourth:
"The game was pretty much over. Steph (Stephen Curry) put on an amazing shooting clinic. The thing I liked about it, the big elephant in the room that everybody is aware of it, Ray Allen's number is sitting there, and Steph (Curry) is aware of it and so am I. I didn't want to chase it, but he started making shots. I liked the idea of being within reach come Wednesday. I don't know who second place is for best shooter in the world, but he certainly has first place tied up. It's unbelievable."

Onif their three point shooting makes them a dangerous playoff team:
"That's why we can be dangerous. It's not just one guy, but another guy that is in the discussion in Klay (Thompson) who is a lights out shooter. It's a tremendous weapon to have and it keeps you in the ballgame when you defend the way we are capable of defending. I also think it opens up the floor because you have to defend those guys all the way around the perimeter."
Stephen Curry
On what changed in the fourth quarter:
"A little bit of defense. Our energy was OK, it was just translating into defensive possessions. They were doing whatever they wanted to. We were locked in, just a step slower. We've got to dig deep and figure out how to start better in games like this."

On the crowd chanting his name:
"It's pretty cool. Obviously we had a lead and I had a hot hand at the end and got good screens. We know about the record. To be close and have a good night like that, it's fun. You always enjoy pumping up the home crowd."

On if he tried to break the three-point record tonight:
"I didn't think I could, I didn't think I could have another big output like that. That last shot I thought was going in, I had a look at it. We have to win, we have to seal up that six spot on Wednesday. We'll see what happens."

On when he found out that Houston lost:
"Just two seconds ago. At the free throw line they announced it. We control our situation again, which is a good feeling going up to Portland. It's their final game so they're going to want to win as hard as we do. We have to come out strong."

On the next game:
"You can't go into a game thinking 'Hey we get this win and see what happens.' We know what the result will be if we play 48 minutes. It'll be good for us to finish on a high note going into the playoffs. You don't want to go up there and lose a game and think about that until the first round starts."
Festus Ezeli
On how he found success tonight:
"I got more time tonight and tried to capitalize for my team and try to do my job, and my job on this team is to rebound. I'm focused on playing my role. The more minutes I play the more you'll see on the stat sheet, but I'm just focused on playing my role."

On the run in the third quarter:
"We have great shooters like Steph and Klay (Thompson), and guys like (David) Lee and Jarrett Jack, so it was just one of those times where we were just clicking. We realize we have to be better. We got a great halftime speech from Coach (Jackson) and we know we have to play better."
David Lee
On the game:
"We didn't play our best game tonight but we made plays when we had to in the fourth quarter. Once again, really proud of our guys for finding our way tonight, we've got one more game and then we get ready for the playoffs."

On the team's current playoff position:
"Even tonight we needed some help from Houston to getting back to having a cushion. The biggest thing for us is to be winning games and playing good basketball heading into the postseason. I thought we played a good quarter and a half tonight. We need to finish up strong and play well up in Portland. No matter who we play we need to play well like we know we're capable of playing, then we'll move on to whatever team gets the three seed."

On if Stephen Curry can shock him anymore:
"He's shooting the ball. Of course I've never been on a team that has shot the ball as well as he had. There has never been anyone who has shot as well as he had this season, so he's shooting a high-caliber ball. For us he's improved in a bunch of different areas this season. He's one of the leaders of this team, he's an unbelievable teammate, he's the guy who's been healthy and been able to perform night-in and night-out. That's really important and something we haven't had in past years. I'm really proud of him, it's amazing to watch this. I'm just excited going into the playoffs that we're going to experience our first playoffs together and he's a huge reason for us being there."


- Draymond Green DNP because of knee tendonitis.
- Andris Biedrins wasn't available due to lower back tightness.

What's next?

- Game #82, and it will NOT be our last game of the season! The Blazers have nothing to play for, and it's their last game of the season, so we should mop them up to take the 6th spot, and Curry should get his 3pt record because the Blazers won't care to play defense. Let's do it!

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Wed Apr 17 7:30 PM @Trail Blazers CSNBayPlus KNBR 1050

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