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Morning links: David Lee's injury, looking back on Warriors-Nuggets Game One, and looking ahead to Game Two

Looking back on a big weekend for the Warriors, which included their first playoff appearance since 2007 and David Lee's season-ending injury.

Stephen Curry's heroics were a bit too little too late, while Andre Miller's were right on time.
Stephen Curry's heroics were a bit too little too late, while Andre Miller's were right on time.

We've already discussed the dramatic finish to the Golden State Warriors Game One loss to the Denver Nuggets in their first playoff appearance since 2007. But for those looking to catch up this morning or just see what others are saying about the Dubs, here's a quick look at some of the more interesting reactions from around the web divided into three parts for your skimming convenience: David Lee's injury, Game One reaction, and Game Two forecasting.

David Lee's injury

  • Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area News Group reports that a timetable for David Lee's return action is undetermined, but he has been told "it's a couple-months process", which means he expects to be back by training camp for the 2013-14 season. Read more >>>
  • ESPN got a comment from Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried (who will be back for Game Two) on Lee's injury: "You see anybody go down like that, it's terrible. It hurts to see a player of that caliber go down. I hope he make a full recovery. I hope he's alright." Playoffs or not, no reasonable ever wants to see someone go down with any sort of long-term injury. Read more >>>
  • Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated lays out the cold hard facts about Lee's impact on the team: the team is nearly 8 points better offensively with Lee on the floor and he's part of the team's nine most-used lineups. Golliver also highlights the value of inserting Draymond Green into the lineup: the team is better defensively with the versatile rookie forward on the floor. Read more >>>
  • Tom Ziller of SB Nation hits on an issue that will come to the forefront now with the Warriors missing Lee: depth. The Nuggets are an extremely deep team and with Andre Miller coming up big on Saturday, Ziller suggests it's worth wondering whether, "more teams will look to spend as much cash on their bench as they do their starters going forward." Read more >>>

Looking back on Game One

  • Coach Nick of BBallBreakdown takes a closer look at the subpar play of Lee and Stephen Curry in Game One, Jarrett Jack's role in the collapse down the stretch, and of course that final play. He suggests two defensive adjustments in response to the Warriors getting burned a few times: not putting Klay Thompson on Ty Lawson and not going under screens to leave Nuggets shooters with so much space. Watch the video >>>
  • Nate Timmons of SB Nation's Nuggets site Denver Stiffs broke down seven key plays in the final five minutes of Game 1, including the final two possessions of the game. He highlights what Miller did on the play, but I think there's an equally important note to make about Green there: he came out of his stance for about a half second after Miller's crossover-hesitation and tried to recover with his hands. Help did come and Miller still had to make a great move to finish the play, but that stood out to me in real time. Read more >>>
  • The AP took a closer look at that last second shot from Miller, including Green's take on what he was thinking in the moment: "I thought I was in front of him and he made one slithery move and just get a half a step on me and that's all he needed to finish the shot." We can debate Corey Brewer's claim about Miller being unguardable at some other time. Read more >>>
  • Adam Lauridsen of the San Jose Mercury News posted a transcript from yesterday's practice interviews with Green, Lee, and Jackson. Green mentioned that the Warriors thought they the Nuggets were going to go on Lawson on that game-winning final possession that actually went to Miller. And to paraphrase Jackson, Miller was exactly who we thought he was. Read more >>>
  • Satchel Price of SB Nation highlighted the triumphant story of 37-year-old Andre Miller leading a Nuggets team "filled with explosive athletes and youthful exuberance" to a win in Game 1. Read more >>>
  • Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post described why he thought that Jackson outcoached Karl in a piece yesterday about how the Warriors executed a game plan that included limiting turnovers and getting back on defense quickly, which sound to me like sound basketball fundamentals. Read more >>>
  • Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News responded to the notion that Mark Jackson's coaching lost Game 1 by pointing to an article by the Denver Post's Mark Kiszla that said the exact opposite. Kawakami concluded that neither coach gained an edge in Game 1, which is probably the most reasonable take. Read more >>>

Looking ahead to Game Two

  • Christopher Dempsey of the Denver Post reported yesterday that Nuggets forward Kenneth Faried will be playing in Game 2 tomorrow after missing Game 1 with a severe ankle sprain. Whether he starts is another story. Read more >>>
  • Arnie Stapleton of the AP previewed tomorrow's Game 2, including Faried's thoughts about the Warriors outrebounding the Nuggets 55-45 on Saturday: ''Whoa, I didn't know that...hat can't be happening. It's playoff basketball and that's one of the biggest keys...Every possession counts and they're that much more valuable in the playoffs." A motivated Faried is always fun to watch unless your team is facing him. Read more >>>
  • Andrew Feinstein of Denver Stiffs looks at why the Nuggets and Warriors have never faced each other in the NBA Playoffs in 36 years. Nice trip down memory lane, including how George Karl weaves between the two franchises. Read more >>>
  • Marcus Thompson II of the Bay Area News Group reports that George Karl thinks Andrew Bogut's presence has to be talked about (and I believe we did some of that before Game 1). As evidenced by Coach Nick's video, Bogut saved the Warriors on a number of ways on the defensive end. Read more >>>

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