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Game Links #78: Golden State Warriors 105 vs Minnesota Timberwolves 89 - Put those lotto balls away, 'cuz we're headed to the playoffs!

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Box score | Gameflow

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Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Postgame: Playoffs? Playoffs??? We're heading to the playoffs? Yes!!!
Game thread: Timberwolves @ Warriors Game Thread: Clinch Time? (910+ comments)

Timberwolves: Canis Hoopus
Game thread: Wolves, Warriors: Game Thread


Associated Press: Warriors top Wolves 105-89 to clinch playoff spot | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Warriors clinch postseason berth with win over T'Wolves
Rusty Simmons: Game 78: Warriors 105, Minnesota 89
Rusty Simmons: Warriors beat T-wolves, clinch playoffs
Kyle Bonagura: Instant Replay: Warriors clinch playoff berth
Adam Lauridsen: The Past, Progress and The Playoffs (Warriors 105, Wolves 89)
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors clinch playoff spot

Mon, Apr 8

- MT2 has a bunch more thoughts about how to play Stephen Curry.
Marcus Thompson II: Stephen Curry needs to shoot more with game on the line
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors: Stephen Curry's fourth-quarter disappearance troubling

- Curry's not a point guard. Yes he is. No he's not. The debate raged on with Matt Steinmetz over Twitter in the morning.
Matt Steinmetz: Should Warriors let Curry keep running the point?

- Skyline High School product Gary Payton and former Warrior Bernard King head for the Hall.
Jeff Faraudo: Hall of Fame: Gary Payton, Bernard King among the seven elected
CSN Bay Area Staff: Former Warrior King among 2013 Hall of Fame inductees Former Warrior Bernard King Elected to Hall of Fame

- First, he was traded to the SCWarriors. Then he was called up for a 10-day contract with the GSWarriors. Now, he's being assigned BACK to the SCWarriors. Yo-yo much? Warriors Assign Scott Machado To Santa Cruz Warriors of NBA D-League

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
14:07 min: 95.7 FM: Gary Payton on The Rise Guys
11:26 min: KNBR: Sam Amick (USA Today) with Fitz and Brooks
6:46 min: 95.7 FM: Kent Bazemore on The Drive
9:30 min: KNBR: Harrison Barnes with Tom Tolbert and Eric Byrnes

Practice interviews bits: Mark Jackson, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry at practice, by gswscribe.

HOF Class of 2013: Bernard King.

Chronicle Live: Jim Kozimor interviews Kent Bazemore.

Chronicle Live: What happens after the loss to the Jazz?

(I added some extra paragraph breaks to make it easier to read.)
RicBucher: Let me take you into the mind of a closer with a game on the line: Mo Williams, Utah Jazz guard, looking to ice a

game vs. the Warriors' Sunday night with 34.5 seconds left, sees that the Warriors are guarding Al Jefferson with rookie swingman Draymond Green. The right basketball play? Dump the ball to Jefferson, of course, and let him go to work. After all, Jefferson had gotten a good look against the Warriors' actual big men all night, surely he could get something easy against Green.

Wrong. That is exactly what the Warriors wanted Williams to think, so they could then double Jefferson hard and rely on their scrambling defense to create a rushed shot by someone other than Williams -- Gordon Hayward, Randy Foye, Paul Millsap, anybody. Williams didn't give that much of a thought because he wasn't looking to make a basketball play, he was looking to create a shot to win the damn game. That's what you're paid to do when you're a closer; that's why an NBA coach puts the ball in your hands at the end of a game.

Now, Mo had had limited success against the Warriors' Klay Thompson in the second half after having his way with Steph Curry through most of the first two quarters; he knew he could get a shot off against Klay, but he also knew he could get a better one against Draymond. "Klay had seen me all night," Williams said. "I wanted to get him off me and work on Dray." Green was in either to induce the post pass to Jefferson or switch out on Williams, something that was sure to leave Williams a wide open shot if one of the Warriors' big men were charged with doing that. Andrew Bogut had made that painfully clear when he was forced into a couple of switches on Hayward, who buried 3s over him. So Williams used a screen from Jefferson to lose Thompson and force Green to pick him up. Then he moved Green over to where he wanted him and threw a couple of dribble-drive feints at him. "I saw him on his heels and that was it," Williams said. "I just needed a little space." Williams buried the 3 for the seal on a 96-90 win.

This is why teams don't run the elaborate plays suggested by those envisioning the game as one part benevolent, one part utopian. In short, entrusting the decision-making and shot-making to one particular player, if he's willing to embrace it, makes it far harder to prevent a quality shot than devising a play where multiple players make the right decision and aren't forced to do something outside of their skill set. The latter essentially hands the controls to the defense; a sound one will force the ball to a worse option almost every time.

Pregame News

- Which Warrior has the most playoff experience? 2nd most? What's Mark Jackson's history as a player?
CSN Bay Area Staff: Warriors stat-pack: playoff experience

- Bob Myers gives some details about his "master plan".
Mark Purdy: Purdy: Golden State Warriors G.M. Bob Myers takes long-range view

- Previews of the game.
Kyle Bonagura: Warriors reload, turn clinching focus to T'wolves

Pregame Videos

- KNBR, 95.7 FM Audio
8:27 min: 95.7 FM: Musselman on The Rise Guys

- Shootaround interviews.
16.3 MB: Mark Jackson at shootaround.
14.3 MB: Carl Landry at shootaround.

Postgame News

- A collection of reactions from around the web. Reactions: Golden State Warriors make it clinch playoff spot

Postgame Videos

Ric Bucher interviews Stephen Curry and David Lee right after the game.

Inside look at the post game celebration, by Mark Jackson.

Mark Jackson at the podium.

Andrew Bogut in the locker room.

Carl Landry in the locker room.

Jarrett Jack in the locker room.

Klay Thompson in the locker room.

Joe Lacob in the locker room.

Joe Lacob in the locker room. (Different than the CSN interview.)

CSN highlights, recap.

Warriors TV: Warriors Clinch Spot in the Playoffs.

Warriors TV game wrap.

Highlights by gumbywithpokey.

- Recap and highlights from's game page:
Curry to Barnes
Timberwolves vs. Warriors: First half
Timberwolves vs. Warriors

- Postgame quotes and stuff from recap
Photo Gallery

Warriors vs. Timberwolves: Postgame Interviews (4/9/13) by Warriors
Mark Jackson
On tonight's win:
"I thank God. Incredible, incredible blessing. I appreciate the journey a lot more, especially when you go through it with some folks, folks that paid the price and are united. It was an incredible feeling and well deserved by this group of guys, this ownership group, this management group and this incredible fan base. Truly a blessing."

On his emotional state after the game:
"We celebrated and rightfully so. People questioned us and they should have. People doubted us and they should have. They underestimated the heart, the desire, the work ethic, the determination and the willingness to put in the time."

On what he said to the players after the game:
"I talked to them. I told them 'Don't you dare go to the baggage claim because this is just a layover and not our final destination. Celebrate that we got here, but this is not our final destination."

On when he found out the Utah Jazz lost:
"It was whispered in my ear and I saw it on the scoreboard and at halftime I let them know that they were 24 minutes away from accomplishing what they had chased, some for an entire career and they deserved it. We are not going to hide it. We are not done, but I tell you what, I'm not going to say the standard line - this is a heck of an accomplishment. There are people in this area that have been waiting for this for a long time. I see security guards high-fiving and smiling, I see concession people high-fiving and smiling and I see media people high-fiving and smiling. It's been a long time. It's a great, great accomplishment and I'm just extremely humbled and blessed to be a part of it."

On what he felt when he talked with the players:
"I'm a sensitive guy. There is no shame in my game. I'm an emotional, sensitive guy. When you live long enough you learn to appreciate the process, the struggle and the accomplishments. I cried because I know what these guys put into it. I know what they mean to each other. I cried because I know there could be somebody else in the suit and tie sitting in the big chair."

On Klay Thompson tonight:
"It was great. There are some people that tell Klay (Thompson) to stop shooting - he's a great shooter. He's going to make shots for us. It was great to see him get it going and keep it going. He kept us in this ballgame in the first half with his offense and his shot making."
David Lee
On making the playoffs:
"It means everything. This was our team goal to start the season. This is what we came out here to do. We had an unbelievable home-court advantage all year that really helps us. We're just proud of our team, the organization and the fans."

On the team not having energy until the third quarter:
"We just came out, it was a big a game and we played to the best of our ability. They're a good team that continues to fight. Give them credit, but we turned it around in the second half when we needed to."
Stephen Curry
On making the playoffs:
"It means everything. You can just listen to this crowd. You guys are the best fans in the NBA and you deserve this as much as we do. We're ready to go."

On Klay Thompson's performance:
"He was huge tonight. Our defense was a little suspect to start the game. The way he kept us in it by scoring baskets and making plays on the defensive end, it was huge. We expect that these last four games and into the playoffs for him to be a difference maker for us."

On the team's objectives for the next four games:
"Keep the sixth spot, continue to play good basketball. Just because we made the playoffs, we don't want that to be the only thing we accomplish this year. We have bigger dreams and bigger goals on the horizon. Four more games to continue that push and see what happens come next weekend."

On how excited he is to shave his beard:
"I cannot wait, let's do it."
Andrew Bogut
On when he knew the team was likely headed for the postseason:
"After last game, probably. It's not a given in the NBA until you get there, so we didn't want to take any chances. We can build on this, we can still improve to succeed. We're not there yet."

On if finding out at halftime that Utah lost provided extra motivation:
"Not really. Maybe somewhat, but we just had to come out there and shore up the defense in the third quarter, and that's what turned the game on its head."
Klay Thompson
On clinching the playoffs:
"It felt great; I was right there with them. We put in so much work this offseason. This is one of our many goals; feels good to clinch, especially for guys like David Lee, Steph (Curry), all the guys. Playoffs, people think it's easy to get there but it's not. You've got to have a great team, especially in the West which is a very loaded conference. I'm spoiled right now, it's my second year, starting, and I'm already in the playoffs."

On moving forward upon clinching the playoffs:
"Well you enjoy it tonight. You earned it, so enjoy it tonight, but you've got to wake up tomorrow morning and just treat every game like it's the most important game, knowing that these last few games are very important for playoff positioning and it's just the start of something. We're not a team that's first round prey, we're a team that wants to make it to the finals and make some noise. So we've got the guys to do it, and like I said, you've got to enjoy tonight, but that's it. Come back tomorrow morning ready to work."

Interesting Tweets
(after the game)
Dlee042: Postgame celebration... Warriors are playoff bound!!! #GSW
gswscribe: #Warriors really did catch an elbow. Check out this shiner


- We're back, baby!

What's next?

- Four games to go. We just reached the end of the cupcake schedule, because the Thunder, Lakers and Spurs are up next. Two things we need to do: stay in the 6th spot, and BEAT LA!

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Thu Apr 11 7:30 PM Thunder TNT KNBR 680
Fri Apr 12 7:30 PM @Lakers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Mon Apr 15 7:30 PM Spurs CSNBayHD NBATV KNBR 680
Wed Apr 17 7:30 PM @Trail Blazers CSNBayPlus KNBR 1050

Full broadcast schedule at

That 6th spot

- This is why we needed to win this game tonight.

Suns @ Rockets, final seconds.