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Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs Game 4 NBA Playoffs Round 2 Preview: We are underdogs, but we are also UNSTOPPABLE BABY!

After the San Antonio Spurs beat up the Golden State Warriors in Oakland in Game 3 to take a 2-1 series lead, we're back to being in a familiar spot. We're back to playing the role of the underdog- and that's exactly where we want to be.


Warriors (1-2) vs Spurs (2-1)

TV: ABC | Radio: KNBR

Arena: Roaracle

Tip-Off: 12:30pm

Blog Buddy: Pounding The Rock

Well aside from BOGUT'S BOOM, Game 3 wasn't very fun, was it?

Forget fun, it was painful. Painful like our boy Stephen Curry's ankle. The Warriors did not have an answer for Tony Parker, Danny Green shut down Curry, Kawhi Leonard was +17, Tim Duncan turned back the clock, Curry and Klay Thompson could not shoot, Jarrett Jack was dribble-dribble-dribble-dribble... you know the rest.

I know that's a run-on, but it's symbolic of the problems the Warriors had on Friday night- the problems just kept running on and on and on.

There were only 3 positives from Game 3:

  1. Andrew Bogut's vicious dunk which I will try to coin as BOGUT'S BOOM. (Got any better nicknames? Post them in the comments.)
  2. David Lee's incredible and inspirational 3 minutes off the bench (not joking) where he scored 5 points and grabbed 2 boards.
  3. Our friend Dave Chappelle paying a visit.

The Spurs are now up 2-1 and being the savvy Pop-coached vets they are (give them credit even if they whine and flop way too much) know that if they win Game 4, they will likely be headed to the 2013 Western Conference Finals.

So how can the Warriors even out the series and ensure that Sunday Mother's Day isn't the last home game at the Roaracle this season?

Easy, go back to being the underdog. That mindset, that hunger, that shock the world mentality was sorely missing on Friday night. That's what got the Warriors this far and that's what they're going to need to do again. Forget about people anointing Stephen Curry a superstar. Forget about people saying Bogut is back. Forget about all the hype.

To borrow a strategy from Nellie back in 2007 we are just a bunch of schmoes. Shoot, we're really not that good. The Spurs should rest easy tonight.

To borrow a line from Coach Mark Jackson, "Sleep well San Antonio."

In other words, I'm asking everyone to bring back the UNSTOPPABLE BABY.

The San Antonio Snores won't know what hit them.


  • Sunday will not be the last home game at the Roaracle this fine season.
  • That is all.

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