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Final Media Interview Links 5/17/2013 - Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli, Draymond Green interviews

Several players met up with the media today at the Warriors practice facility for one final interview of the season to discuss what they plan to do during the summer and what's in store for next season. It just gets you all excited for Training Camp next October.

Final Media Interviews

Stephen Curry final media interview, part 1. (Load)

Stephen Curry final media interview, part 2. (Load)

Stephen Curry final media interview, part 3. (Load)

Andrew Bogut final media interview. (Load)

Harrison Barnes final media interview. (Load)

- More final media interviews.
54.3 MB: Festus Ezeli final media interview.
56.9 MB: Draymond Green final media interview.

Stephen Curry interrupts John Henry Smith. (Load)

- Notes from the final media interviews.
Kyle Bonagura: Curry on Jack & Landry: 'I want them back'
Marcus Thompson II: Andrew Bogut Disappointed but Relieved
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors' Harrison Barnes: 'I gave it my best shot'

Other Stuff

- We are no longer a laughing stock team.
Monte Poole: Poole: Players actually want to stay with Warriors organization

- KNBR, 95.7FM Audio
11:02 min: 95.7 FM: Rick Barry on The Rise Guys
8:11 min: 95.7 FM: Adonal Foyle on The Rise Guys
9:49 min: KNBR: Bruce Jenkins with Murph and Mac
9:32 min: KNBR: Marc Spears with Murph and Mac
10:24 min: KNBR: Chris Ballard (Sports Illustrated) with Gary and Larry
11:53 min: KNBR: Tim Roye with Gary and Larry
9:03 min: 95.7 FM: Jon Barry (ESPN NBA analyst) on The Wheelhouse
8:10 min: 95.7 FM: Jim Barnett on The Wheelhouse
9:00 min: 95.7 FM: Tim Legler (ESPN NBA analyst) on The Wheelhouse
14:42 min: KNBR: Marcus Thompson II with Fitz and Brooks

- A segment on the Warriors' rookies.
13.5 MB: NBA Rooks: Barnes, Green

From the players and coach: Thank You Fans. (Load)

What's Next?


- There will be a tournament structure for this summer's Summer League. There will be preliminary games, then the single-elimination games which will lead to a champion. These games will be broadcast on NBA TV. Let's do it! NBA Summer League

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