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Vinny Del Negro out, this concerns the Warriors?

With Vinny Del Negro out, the Los Angeles Clippers appear to be turning their sights onto Michael Malone, the assistant head coach of the Golden State Warriors.


I'm going to be very honest with you. I barely knew what Michael Malone looked like until I typed his name into the search bar for a picture.

This hasn't stopped people from suggesting that he was a bigger reason for the coaching turnaround than Mark Jackson. I was listening to ESPN Radio the other day and some guy essentially said Jackson doesn't know the Xs and Os and simply a great preacher. Cool story, bro.

I don't much about the coaching trees in the NBA because I'm not a Zach Lowe but from secondhand accounts and Twitter, he's a very coveted assistant coach. Think the San Francisco 49ers Greg Roman.

Chris Paul was on the New Orleans Hornets when Malone was the assistant coach. And he likes him. Therefore, this means RUMORS!

But with the offseason starting now, this is just the beginning of a few big decisions for Bob Myers. How does this impact the coaching staff if he leaves? Does the fact that Mark Jackson not signing a long-term contract concern you? Who will draw up the Xs and Os now? Speculate away, friends.

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